You Are Right Mr. Prime Minister, It Is T20, Not One Day
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You are right Mr. Prime Minister, it is T20, not one day

As H.G.A. Retired from Life Insurance Corporation of India
Mr. Prime Minister , yesterday after the cabinet meeting said that economical reforms are not one day cricket, they take a more longer period to come on surface. The statement has come at a time when after his and his colueges putting all the efforts at their command, India is sitting at the bomb of economical disaster for which only they are responsible.

The price rise is not only out of his government's hands, value of Rupee compare to Dollar is going down every day and his finance minister Chidambaram is not able to do any thing except requesting the countrymen to not to invest in the Gold, which according to him, is equivalent topurchase of dollar.

What Mr. Chidambaram is ignoring delibretly, is the fact that because of the price rise, uncertainity in the share market, it is the elite lot of Indians investing in gold, and this very section is out of every body's control, what to talk of Government. This is the section which has made lot of accounted and unaccounted money during the period of reforms, which now Mr. Prime Minister is saying that it is not one day cricket.

What Prime Minister is not telling the countryman is that than what formate of cricket it is? If, he means to say that it is Test Cricket, then it also give results in five days.

Reforms are as old as 23 years and it is a huge time for any country to show up the fruits of its economical policy to its people.

Looking to the perfomance of Prime Minister himself either as the Finance Minister from 91to95 or as the Prime Minister since last one decade and also keeping in view the perfofmance of his Government during this period, without any suspision, it can be said that reforms under his Captainship does not resemble any authroised formate of cricket.

However, the coolness of Prime Minister, his apethetic behave towards the problems of his country fellows, corruption of his ministers, his fixing attitude for Foreign and Indigenous Corporates, Industrialists and the elites of the country, compells us to compare the reforms initiated by him with the T-20 formate of IPL, which offcourse, is not a authorised formate of Cricket and it is being conducted, for by and to entertain the elite of the country with Bickney Dances, purchase of players and speculation and so are your refaorms, under your Captainship Mr. prime Minister, I am sorry to say.