7 Easy To Follow Tips To Create Powerful & Appealing Logo Design
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7 Easy To Follow Tips to Create Powerful & Appealing Logo Design

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Are you looking for a logo to take the elements of your brand and showcase it to the world in a way that’s even more awesome? If you’re nodding your head in a yes, then you need to first understand how should it be? In a blog published at Forbes, Steve Cooper - co-founder and editor-in-chief of Hitched, reveals that an effective and powerful concept is one which is appropriate, distinctive, practical, simple and meaningful. Even in its simplest form, it must flaunt your brand’s value, message and story. And to effectively ensure that your concept is powerful enough to summon the attention and interest of your target audiences, you must adhere to some basic designing principles.

1. Inspiring Online Sites:

Brainwaves come from anywhere and from anything. So, you need to extend your research and peep into graphic designing sites to get some inspiring logo design ideas. You need to explore a lot of websites and narrow your choices of companies with higher values and aspirations. You will definitely get motivating ideas from these websites.

2. Set Up A Designing Process:

Whether you want a design for your own business or for your clients, you must adhere to a specific designing process. To attain this, you should interact with your clients to obtain briefs. Conducting research on the business industry, its competitors and history is also crucial. Do well to check out current trends and styles pertaining to your brief. Staying abreast with latest trends can help businesses and designers get fresh ideas, according to a blog posted at Infobarrel.com. Following this, you can develop the logotype based on your research and brief. This helps you to get the striking idea that you are dreaming for.

3. Create Meaningful Design:

Inc.com reveals that an effective concept should tell a story to your clients or customers. If you look at it as an artwork or pattern of lines, then you will not be reveal out its deeper meaning. By showing your clients that what you have created is not a shallow artwork but has a meticulous ideology and deep thinking, you can impress them easily even if your overall voice of the design is simple.

4. Don’t Be Over Innovative:

Being innovative is really wonderful and you can experiment, work around and get some killer ideas to design. However, each and everything has its own limitation. Excess of experimentation may result in a gorgeously looking concept but it will not be identifiable with the brand itself. Hence, you should ensure that the design is identifiable with the brand as well. Moreover, it should also be something that the company could own and the customers could identify. If you are able to accomplish it, you can rest assured that your idea will be successful, regardless of being innovative and generic.

5. Do Not Misjudge Typography:

While designing, you should give serious consideration to the typeface and ensure that it is unique. As a matter of the fact, a custom drawn typeface is better than the gorgeous fonts. Moreover, custom lettering is more recognizable in the logotype when compared to the font that you have downloaded from the internet. You would have come across many leading brands that use custom lettering. A fine example of this, one that exemplifies the spirit of this style, is Google. A blog published at Designhill.com reveals that Google’s new logotype features custom sans-serif typeface called “Product Sans”.

6. Have All Your Sketches:

Whenever you design, you are sure to come up with a dozens of ideas which you might have sketched. You should never throw them away as they can serve as a valuable resource. In fact, you can get some ideas when you want to create a new one in the future. Even if you find something interesting over the internet, you can include them in your savings for future references.

7. Create Responsive Designs:

If you want your logo to be primarily used on apps and websites, then you should make it responsive. You must remember that simply enlarging or reducing your design as per its content is not going to work out. With increasing device capabilities and content area, you should add some additional details to your company logotype so that it can be responsive to any devices or platforms.

Designer David Paul reveals in a blog that creating a striking design for business is not only important to impress your potential clients and customers but also to establish your identity in the industry. In fact, it is the first step of building a strong loyalty and trust among your customers. In this tough, competitive business world, exclusive business symbol will be a key to ensure the success of an organization. In addition to this, it also plays a vital role in enhancing the reputation of your brand effectively. Concepts accustomed to your business conveys what your business is about exactly.