Becoming An Employee Or An Entrepreneur - A Debatable Topic
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Becoming an Employee or an Entrepreneur - A debatable topic

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After completing my management degree in 2003 and joining prestigious groups to till date, one question which always hit my mind - Which one is best to become an employee or becoming a entrepreneur? It is always a debatable topic in my mind.

My mind always considers pros & cons of both the things and the finding stand on following parameters age, passion, security, picking first step, challenges, dream of becoming your own boss, your skill set, strengths, weeknesses, freedom of thought & decision making etc.  

I am enclosing few points and needless to say request your valuable & debatable time on this topic.

Employees are resourse oriented and entreprenuers are opportunities oriented. I think this is a true saying, resource orientation requires the basic amminities(office, PC, workplace, manpower, brand etc) which always stops a person to think beyond which are OPPORTUNITIES lie in environment, a person who crosses the road and think beyond to grasp opportunities, manages resources becomes an entreprenuer. The first step he takes and towards ray of glory he shows risk apatite, passion, resourcefullness, collection of thoughts, machinary, a vision to rule and taste success.

Freedom of thought. While an employee you are restricted to imagine highsides, you becomes more of executer and planning restricts to a smaller vision. Entrepreneurship starts from a vision, planning, execution while corrective steps are in own hands.

Age, family, education & thinking. This is the most crucial step where a platform is set to perform your duties as entreprenuer or an employee. Age represent when to start after taking experiance or without experiance? Family class (poor, middle, high networth, service & business). Education creates a vital role in creating a personality. Thinking rigid or beyond lies in a personality to rule or to follow.

I find these parameters and still eagerly waiting for my first step to feel, touch and to find ray of glory for my thoughts.