Top Social Media Tools To Grow Your Online Business
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Top Social Media Tools to Grow your Online Business

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Nowadays, E-Commerce companies allocate huge budgets for their brand marketing and promotions, which include display ads, Television commercials and social media marketing. According to a recent survey, social media spending accounts to about 10% of the total marketing budget. This number is projected to grow to nearly 25-30% in next 3-4 years, owing to the growing number of people who are active on social networks and social sharing sites. The sole purpose of ecommerce companies using social networks is to generate more traffic to their portal by reaching first-time customers; engaging and rewarding existing customers and brand building. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Buffer, Pinterest and Youtube are a few of the popular social tools used for brand management, content discovery, publication and user engagement. You can even monitor what your competitors are doing through these social sites.

Here, we have shortlisted a few social media tools and strategies to promote E-commerce business:

1. Social Networking via FACEBOOK: Facebook needs no introduction. According to statistics of 2015 , almost 968 million users are active on the social network on the daily basis. If you have a business page on Facebook, it would be beneficial even if 1% of the total FB users can view your page. There is another tool called Facebook Insights, through which the page owners can get more insights about their content and post. You can boost the relevant post or exclusive offers via social media by targeting desired audience and schedule it when there is maximum post reach.

2. Keep Track of Trending Topics on TWITTER: Twitter keeps you abreast and updated with all the latest trends and events happening around the world. It is the most effective platform to connect to strangers and allows only short tweets of maximum 140 character limit. Twitter users’ engagement increases by about 30% on weekends, with the afternoon slot (1pm-3pm) and late evening slots (8pm-10pm). It is the best time to tweet and let people see your presence of the platform.

3. Schedule posting using BUFFER: Buffer is an app through which a company can post at multiple accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. It offers queue publishing system in which the users can schedule the content across major social networks at the desired time without the hassle of individual posting. Comparison of different posts to check performance is another added advantage of this app. It is free to use and covers all social platforms except Instagram.

4. Manage Social Media via SPROUT SOCIAL: Sprout Social is social media management software helpful for online store owners. It helps any e-commerce business grow its social media presence by providing great features like monitored keyword tracking on Twitter and in-depth reports on social activities on various social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Foursquare, to name a few. It also allows content management, insight into customer behavior, and lead generation.

5. Share Images via Pins at Pinterest: Research states that more than 47 million users use Pinterest and it is very effective way to market you business for better growth. You can create your pin-boards and it is very important to add relevant content daily to engage the audience. Pinterest also has its built-in tool- Pinterest web analytics, which is used for analyzing the content on your page.

6. Content Discovery tool- SWAYY: Sharing with friend is always a pleasure; that too good and relevant content. Swayy provides you high quality and relevant content for numerous items to share with your communities.  You can select the interesting topics from the list you want to share to get relevant content related to them every day; thus saving lot of time and efforts of internet surfing.

No matter which tool you pick, it will only work effectively if you have a right marketing campaign and offer best price to users. Today users are very careful and spend ample time on finding the best deals. They take help of leading price comparison websites like to check prices by all the sellers. So, it is better to get yourself registered on all the stores and offer competitive prices to grow your business.