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iPhone5 Guess

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iPhone5 Guess

iPhone 4S has been launched less than six months, but we have pay attention to the sixth generation of the iPhone. The next time to release hardware, what new features will Apple give to this Tablet PC---dell inspiron 14z battery ?

1, change of the name
We originally expected that the new iPad will be named "the iPad 3", but Apple has given us a surprise, simply become a "iPad". Given this change, the current market is widely expected that the next generation iPhone will be called the "iPhone", instead of the "iPhone 5" or other similar names, how about the Lenovo Laptop Battery?

2, support LTE/4G
New iPad support the the LTE/4G high speed network, so the new iPhone is likely to also have the same function, especially in the situation of the operators is to expand the coverage of LTE networks

3, increase the screen size
There are many rumors that the screen size of the new iPhone Apple will increase from the current 3.5 inches to 4 inches or size, to better compete with Android phones, but I do not believe this matter will occur.

4, longer dell inspiron 15r battery life
If the new iPhone support LTE, then Apple will have to try to extend battery life, which means that the new iPhone will have a more efficient electronic performance and higher energy density batteries.

5, the SIM card is smaller
iPhone SIM card has been replaced with a smaller micro-SIM card, and now Apple is planning to launch a smaller SIM card to free up more internal space. Because users do not often play with the SIM card, so to narrow the SIM card will give Apple a favorable factor, while almost never faced with unfavorable factors from the end-user.

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