Professional Space Goats!
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Professional space goats!

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Why communities of noble intellectual professionals are space goats?

The greatest concern of this era is to find our most outspoken professionals turned into weak, docile, fodder and soft targets.

The lunacy of self or interests of a group that often over-shadows professional goals needs to be rectified in its very basics. If not then what follows is nothing but unseen, unimaginable miseries that are in the making for the masses.  This dangerous phenomenon in present times is witnessed to be turned into greatest and volatile situations, causing irreparable damage to one and all. This is the age of garbling truth. One percent of truth is made to be buried or dumped over by ninety-nine percent of falsity. So the question is where is the world along with our professional heading to, can well be imagined.

Often involved in this dangerous games are absolutely self centered disguised capitalists, opportunists, exploiters with absolute blinded power thirsty often, insufficiently literate politicians, in values with no recognition of knowledge or morally ethical through generations who are deeply and most firmly rooted within, near and afar with the foreign forces, aligned and united with internationally most corrupt so as to uphold their own common interests and are out to erode and destroy the very intellectual fabric that they fear will engulf them, sooner or later. 

When exploitation ransacks, widely legalized, goes unchecked it is but natural that corruption is asked to flourish in full swing. The line in-between is drawn, maintained and is possible to be kept up by in principle, noble, dependable, morally unshakable, seasoned professional only. Else it is a hopelessly lop-sided world open to loss, ruin, misery as at present felt, is in itself an opening into forthcoming transition.   

Attaining and remaining in the lime light at professional supremacy cannot be given way to disasters or cannot afford to be dragged into matters where the very credibility of the profession itself gets at stake. The very constructive directionality of leading must not become hazy at any time or shattered due to unconsciously willing to be turned into professional scapegoats. Morally corrupt professional elements can gain nothing nor prove beneficial to any nor seek bring blessings from any quarter.

someone had blundered:
Theirs not to make reply,
theirs not to reason why,
theirs but to do & die,