First Georgian Book In Indian Language Launched
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First Georgian Book in Indian Language Launched

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New Delhi: The great launching of the first ever Indian language edition of The Great Georgian Medieval poet Shota Rustaveli’s The knight in the Panther’s Skin published by Yatra Books as Sher Ki Khall Wala Samant Shoorvir in Hindi took place at Hotel Hyatt in the presence of who’s who of Delhi Diplomatic, art and culture circle.

“The Knight in the Panther’s Skin is a Georgian medieval epic poem, written in the 12th century by Georgia’s national poet Shota Rustaveli. A definitive work of the Georgian Golden Age, the poem consists of over 1600 Rustavelian Quatrains  and is considered to be a “masterpiece of the Georgian literature”. Until the early 20th century, a copy of this poem was part of the dowry of every bride,” spoke H.E. Archil Dzuliashvili Ambassador of Georgia to India while welcoming all the guest to the fascinating evening.

“Rustaveli is a great humanist. The poet focuses his attention on a man as a complex of sincere feelings, emotions, passions and aspirations. To counterbalance the mentality of the Middle Ages  and the ecclesiastic morality of asceticism, Rustaveli proclaims the freedom of man as a personality, free of thought and feeling,” said Sandeep Marwah Chair for Indo Georgian Film And Cultural Forum appreciating the efforts of H.E. Archil Dzuliashvili  in bringing the best epic to India.