Different Styles Of Wigs
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Different styles of wigs

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We can see round face, square face, and other different faces, so the wig manufacturers depending on the face also produced a lot of different styling wigs.In the moment, not only stylish women like to wearing a wig, now men have also started wearing a wig of their fellow men.The young ones in order to choose a wig for fashion, to the beauty or to work. All men search for beauty, and now a lot of middle-aged and elderly people also began their fashionable age, they are beginning to wear a wig. These phenomenon, wig styling also followed up.

But how many styles does the wig exactly have ? How to choose the suitable wigs for your friends or your family?
So we will take a look at the hair style of the wig in the end what oh. The basis of gender, it is clear that the wig is divided into: Men's wig styling her wig styling.

First of all, we look at the hair style of the men's wig: men's wigs, depending on the age can be roughly divided into: crew cut hair, back hair type, hair fashionable men.

According to the length of half-style, long hair style,short hair style, shawl, and so on.

These are straight hair length picture as examples.
According to teh style can be divided into straight hair, curly hair, the waves, the whip style.
According to the color of the wig can be divided into black, beige, light brown, golden yellow, silver-gray, flaxen and Red.
Based on their raw materials are divided into: human hair and synthetic hair.

Now the the popular BOB head or hair to the length-based, improved on the basis of the original wig style.
Generally in the 20-30 age group stage, they will according to their face choose the wigs for their hair, but women of this age will generally choose a cute doll hair type or 16-20 inches straight hair or curly hair. They may choose cute and fashionable retro style doll hair type or select dynamic straight hair to become their most beautiful clothes also choose generous soft wavy hair.
Age in women after the age of 30, you pay more attention to the quality of the wig, they generally choose good quality real wig, according to the occasions they are going to choose the length of the wig and wig curl.

The styles of celebrity wigs general depending on the occasion and scenarios to choose different length wig, long hair, but for the authenticity of the film and to further build the image of the female one or male lead, they usually choose good quality human hair wig.
Above these is the simple introduction of the wig style, want to help you.

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