5 Tips To Enter The Investing World
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editricon 5 Tips to Enter the Investing World

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Tens of hundred times we heard our parents saying that "A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned", but is this the real way to earn or make money? Saving your money in your bank account will only fetch you a monthly interest. That’s all. It’s not going to grow anyhow.

If you want your money to grow and make you rich, you need to invest it. Think out of the box and experiment with the papers (or so called currencies) in your pocket. As Oscar Wilde said, "Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination."

Take it out from your bank account and spend it to gain some financial knowledge from your advisor. Yes it’s true, it's not so easy for a newbie in the market to invest and become a millionaire over nightly. For this, you need maintain some logical steps. Let’s check out some of them –

1. Save Some Money To Begin With

Yes, what our parents said was right. For a start you need some nominal money, but don’t think that after paying on your groceries and your room rent, you can begin with it. Build an emergency fund and start saving. This amount should be enough if you meet any financial loss in the near future. Once you are done with it, and then start keeping some money aside after your monthly expenses, which will make your way into the investment world.

2. Gain Some Financial Knowledge

Don't be afraid if you don't about making money with investments. What you lack is only knowledge. Rest all you have got. Don’t be shy to discuss about money matters with your elders or friends. Meet a financial advisor. Explain what and how much asset you have got and how you want to use to make wealth.

3. Do a Proper Homework

Don’t pretend that the knowledge gained from a financial advisor will make you wise enough to read the pulse of the market. Do not be overconfident. Sit and analyze the market. Keep a proper track of popular stocks. See how and when they go up or come down. No matter whether you are investing Rs.10,000 or Rs.1,00,000. The point is you should not invest it just because others are investing in a particular stock. You should have confidence that this stock will fetch you profit and to gain this confidence, you first need to do a proper research on the stock.

4. Be Ready To Take Risk

Risk is a formidable factor of the stock market. But you should be open to take risk to gamble in the market. It is not recommended to take a high risk. Being in the market you can also face loss. Even in such case, you should not think and regret about it for long. Learn from your experience, and rectify the faults and re-enter the market. Yes you are taking risk, but this will have a positive this time, as you were able to rectify your previous mistakes.

5. Don't Go With the Trend

Once you know to sense the market, don't tend to ignore analyzing the market. There is always new new information roaming in the market. Neither believe them nor disrespect them. Evaluate the facts and cross check to come to an conclusion. Just don’t go with the trend. Just don’t follow because others are following it. This can be a biggest mistake of yours; even bigger than taking risk.