Embracing A Sustainable Procurement Strategy - Katalyst
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Embracing a Sustainable Procurement Strategy - Katalyst

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In the past few years, priorities in supply chains and procurement have shifted dramatically, from rapidly increasing sustainability in their utility grids to doubling their spend optimization.

While these are short-term shifts in response to the business’s growing uncertainty, two themes remain relevant and will receive more attention in the medium and long term, sustainability and diversity. Supply chain management with procurement can no longer be ignored because their impact on businesses goes way beyond the pandemic.

Key to sustainability:

Sustainability is one of the crucial topics among the business leaders and is now on the agenda of every company and under increasing pressure from consumers and investors alike to track their environmental impact. To implement this program, companies need to focus on sustainable public procurement policies.

Here’s how:

Make Sustainable Procurement your #1 Goal:

Procurement leaders need to make decisions based not only on cost, but also on how those decisions impact their communities, environment, and social standing. They need to incorporate socio-economic, environmental, and ethical dimensions into public procurement and processes and fulfill their corporate social responsibilities.