Can Bulk SMS A Day Keep Your Doctor Away?
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Can Bulk SMS a day keep your doctor away?

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Many researchers have shown Bulk SMS Services help/improve communication between healthcare industry and patient. A daily Bulk SMS tips from healthcare industry help to improve your health.

Research and case study was conducted in different countries to understand how BULK SMS Service is helpful for healthcare industry.

HIV, AIDS and SMS: The Kenya case study

A study was conducted in 2007 and 2008 in Kenya to know the effect of Bulk SMS Services on antiretroviral treatment for HIV & AIDS in 538patients. This was first different type of study in Africa; it was clinical trial of HIV-infected adults initiating antiretroviraltherapy (ART) in the three clinics in Kenya. The aim of the study was to check whether Bulk SMS services are really helpful for the HIV & AIDSpatients.

The procedures and result:

Patient were categories in one ratio one with a programme to a SMS intervention or standard care. Patient in the intervention group received SMS weekly from a clinic and were required to respond within 48 hours. They were asked to report to clinic if they were finding any difficulties. The health care team would call them if they respond or not. The control group received no SMS and took ART treatment without follow up. Results showed higher adherence to ART (62%) in theintervention as opposed to 50% in the control. This result showed thatpatients who received SMS had improved ART and also impact of Bulk SMS Services in health care industry. This study concluded that there is
scientific evidence SMS are effective tools to improve health.

Australian research on SMS:

The study by researchers from The University of Western Australia's School of Psychology and School compared the three different type of SMS content (habit-based messages; food-group messages and generalhealthy eating messages) in 71 undergraduates for over 8 week period.


Habit based tips via Bulk SMS have proved to increase the fruit consumptionin adults and Vegetable consumption also increased over 8 week of period in adults. Researchers find that SMS emphasising repetitivehelp to improve fruit and vegetable consumption.



The research and case study in different countries showed that Bulk SMS Services is very helpful for the health care industry to improve communication with patient and consumer.

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