Government Jobs In India - A Deal Of Corruption?
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Government Jobs in India - A Deal of Corruption?

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Recently, some foreign institutions in their latest surveys have questioned the authenticity and honesty of Indian government sector. Government sector in India is always being the very first choice for employment and career. The reason is the luxury, reputation, job security and high salary of these jobs. But, is it fair to say that the field is now full of corruption? Well, a recent survey says exactly the same thing.

A survey conducted by a foreign university shows that most of the youngsters join the government sector only for money. Most of the people in government jobs are corrupt and usually corrupt youngsters eye on government jobs. I agree that the Indian government sector is not at the top of the honesty list, but still it won’t be fair enough to say that the whole system is corrupt. It may be possible that many people join the sector just because of money and job security, but you cannot say that they all are dishonest. It would be better to say that our system is what forces us to be dishonest.

Youngsters in India are as qualified and honest as in many other countries, but we are not given with the same opportunities by our system. A graduate from engineering is not able to get a job in his/her relevant field due to lack of employment. Then, what can he probably do? He will have to prepare for government exams willingly or unwillingly with no other option left. Also, the condition of the government exams is worse due to the reservation system. Most of the time, deserving candidates do not get a job because of our reservation system.

Government jobs are not bad, and so are the youngsters that go for these jobs. The problem is with our system. If we want to change the system, we will have to become a part of the system. Apart from politics, only a government job is the way to do the same. If we can see the dream of a corruption free India, we must have the ability and willingness to make it true. It won’t be fair to say that the survey is completely wrong. It is right in its place. It is true that many corrupt people eye government sector for jobs because this is the easiest option for them. If there is something wrong, it is our system.

We can’t blame our youngsters for the current status of the Indian government jobs. The system is corrupt from the inside, and we will have to be a part of it if we want to clean it. Youngsters must keep the right aim in their life. Money is important, but it is not everything. Honesty is and will always be the best policy.