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I am just one of the lucky member of the family of Asian Academy Of Film And Television which is the bigges ...more>>
I count the ways I let you down All my fingers and toes but I'm running out Clever words can' ...more>>
Feature film Raja Harish Chandra, Aradhana, Manthan, Lahore and I Am were screened at PHD house as a t ...more>>
There are so many games that you can play on the Web today. You do not need to spend much money just to ...more>>
The mood is set. And I feel life interesting. The common things now appear in uncommon colours and super ...more>>
In a series of guest ASPA- Asian School Of Performing Arts a part of AAFT- Asian Academy Of Film And Tel ...more>>
  Bangalore: Alright! It’s now time for some music news to flow. Maybe I am a little late but t ...more>>
The school is a temple and the teachers are God-this is the faith in which students are brought up in India ...more>>
“When student of cinema makes a good film I would like to give credit to both the student and his ...more>>
Asian School Of Media Studies celebrated its 8th Festival of Short Films at Marwah Studios with great pomp ...more>>
We've all wanted to strangle Cell phone jammer before. There's nothing worse than some jerk blabbing away o ...more>>
Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios Noida was nominated as one of the 900 persons of the country who ...more>>
Amir Khan performs as main character in this program. I was watching this program on my TV this Sunday, 1 ...more>>
“The Shakespeare Society at Asian Education Group was formed to raise the level of theatre and ind ...more>>
Happy Wheels - Street racing games like Happy Wheels game and other games are specifically attractive to yo ...more>>
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