Dress And Impress Like An Indian CEO
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Dress and Impress like an Indian CEO

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Life as a CEO of a known company is not cool or fun. You have to work hard, really hard!

But life as an Indian CEO is not at all a joke.

Indian CEOs have to dress and impress in a three-piece suit and move around when the temperatures are soaring, and there is no way to cool down. Indian CEOs even know that people are not only watching them but admiring them too. So, they should flaunt their cool, funky avatar at regular intervals too. This means that they have to be in constant touch with a fashion designer who has nothing to do with the business and the expenses for the same are borne by the CEO, not his company.

So, life as an Indian CEO is difficult.

However, most of them are good with their responsibilities and even manage to make fashion statements at intervals.

If you want to learn their style, check out the tips below.

Your suit matters

In case of men, a handful of Indian CEOs dare to wear churidar-kurtas to work while most of them have embraced the western culture of suits with a big smile on their face. Some say that foreigners won’t respect you if you are not wearing a suit, while some say that wearing a suit gives them the liberty to be at ease. So, you have to make a choice before moving ahead. If you want the world to know that you are a desi CEO, go ahead and wear a churidar-kurta. If you want to impress simply without thinking too hard, look for the finest collection of suits available in the market.

In case of women, silk button down is traditional and just okay, but if you want to look and feel good in a particular dress, invest in sheath dresses because it is a good option to be worn at workplace and even when representing the company at an international meet. Pencil skirts are even an option that should be on your mind.

Leave your tie at home

In India, it is usually hot, and you don’t want to suffocate yourself with an accessory that will be around your neck all the time. So, leave your tie at home.

Without your tie, you will still impress the masses. So, feel good about it.

Get it tailored

If you have bought it, but it is not a perfect fit, you should get it altered.

Know your audience

Your dressing can be modified according to your audience.

For example, you might need formal attire when outsiders are a part of the meeting. However, you can slightly be at ease when you are in a meeting with your employees or colleagues.

Shiny is a big no

Avoid shiny fabrics.

Buy it from the a reputed store

Good quality suit at a reasonable price is possible if you make your purchases at reputed online stores like Target.com. Target.com offers a wide range to choose from, and you can even get exclusive offers at the store. Apart from store offers, coupons for up to 30%off  for Target.com are even available. Check it out!

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