Video Quality Inspector
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Video Quality Inspector

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Video Quality Inspector:

Video technologies are finding exponentially increasing and continuously growing applications, these applications include Mobile TV, Video on demand, video streaming/editing, video conferencing etc, but with growing number of applications the concern for video quality is also gaining paramount importance, till recent past the video quality testing was carried out manually, but these has distinct and quite significant drawbacks mentioned as under:

  1. Accuracy: Visual/audio errors are easily missed with human play-out.
  2. Subjectivity: different skill/level/experience/training
  3. Consistency: It’s impossible for a person to repeat exactly the same test day after day and week after week.
  4. Simple errors: A human may not get constraints correct.
  5. Niceties: A person cannot look inside the file at the details (i.e., compression standard and bit rates of video, audio, and overall).

In order to overcome these drawbacks and to give the video industry a new dimension and helping the industry achieve new heights in quality the eInfochips has came up with Automated Video Quality Testing Tool called video quality inspector (VQI) -

The video quality inspector has two components: VQMg and VQGD, the VQMg stands for Video Quality Metrics (General model) and its task is to measure the video quality in the scale from 0 to 1,while VQGD stands for Video Quality Glitch Detection and its function is detection and location of video glitches in real time.

The key areas where VQI differs from the lot of video testing tools and distinct benefits which if offers to its users are as under:

  • Software Based Objective Testing System: Replaces time consuming and expensive manual quality testing process
  • Automated Testing: Runs automatically 24/7 to perform consistent and thorough checks of incoming video files against reference
  • Reporting: Comprehensive error reporting system
  • APIs for Integration via socket-communication: Easy to integrate with third party test automation systems
  • Simple GUI: Easy to configure & use for manual testing of video

Zubair Mandhara