Can You Show Me The Way?
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Can you show me the way?

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Founder and Managing Director
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"Hi, I'm Jyoti and I need your help." She proferred her hand and gripped mine with confidence. 

"Well, tell me what can I do for you young lady?" I asked holding on to my nimboo-pani at a networking meet of TiE-Chandigarh. 

"I've been experimenting with a concept for several months and I am sure this is needed in the world and I feel it can be a success, but I need to know how to go about this," the young lady spoke confidently in a matter-of-fact-tone who was out there to seek answer to her enterprise. 

But how many of the young boys and girls can go out and ask for help and ask, "Can you show me the way?"

In a highly competitive job sector, some of the young boys and girls in the first year of their college/university studies are people full of idea who wish to setup their own enterprise and be independent. 

The urge to be an entrepreneur is growing and thanks to the presence of TiE in 16 cities in India alone, they have now access to expert knowledge, and to mentoring by successful entrepreneurs. 

Today, a city like Chandigarh is bubbling with enthusiasm and youngsters while still in college are monetising their own unique ideas successfully. The strong network of TiE on the other hand, is giving them the opportunity to interact with those who have already gone through the grind and succeeded to emerge as winners. 

Youngsters wishing to taste the joy of freedom as an entrepreneur must get into the ecosystem that is being created by TiE chapters, network with them, and get an easy access to information, the right connections, the money bags, and of course, a friendly hand to mentor you, and show you the way.