Reusing Waste Resource Promotes Economic Development
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Reusing waste resource promotes economic development

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Industrial residues is misplaced local resources, the best way of handling is to turn them into renewable resources. For example, the industrial residues can be used for the preparing cement raw material and can be used as concrete additives and brick materials.  slag waste will become recycled aggregates, cement and other raw materials by being crushed to a certain degree of fineness. Calcium carbide slag, blast furnace slag and non-ferrous metal slag are all waste residues which is industrial production, it  has become a main problem for many enterprises. A large area of waste exposed and it brings great harm to the air and water. Pollution  control costs rises year after year. Construction waste is dumped and simple landfill occupies the city's only land which returned to the urban environment at the same time. The waste is also a threat to the residents security.
Construction waste recycles aggregate after screening process production, it uses a wide range of products which have obvious advantages. Slag crushers, including impact crusher, are used in the process line for recycling wastes. The market response is good. Through continuous technological innovation of industrial manufacturing equipment, the enterprises can realize technicalization and informatization, the urban construction waste  recycling can develop towards industrialization and standardization. Construction wastes are mainly the muck, stones, concrete slag, removal of abandoned brick, metal objects, broken wood and other fallout, most of these garbage can be renewable energy-saving building materials. It is the future development direction of dealing with construction waste resources. This  also complies with China's energy saving and emission reduction  overall strategies for sustainable development.