Top 5 Apps For Your TV
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Top 5 Apps for Your TV

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With Direct TV, you'll have an amazing collection of exciting programming to watch. With these impressive apps for your TV, you'll love watching television even more! Play games, keep up with friends on social networking sites and do so much more, right on your television.

Must-have mobile apps for your TV

Here are some of the best apps available for smart TVs. Check them out, and enjoy these excellent apps yourself.


Now you can check and update your Facebook in more ways – you already use your phone and laptop, and now you can use your TV, too! Get this free app to upload pictures, talk with friends and more, on the big screen of your television.

Angry Birds

Play the hit game Angry Birds on your smart TV with this great app. It's the same game we know and love – but bigger and more fun. Your kids will love playing, and so will you.


Love video calling your friends and family? Hate squishing everyone around a tiny computer screen? Everyone can fit into the picture and see the people on the other end easily when you're using Skype on your TV. When you can make free Skype calls to loved ones on your television, the miles separating you feel shorter.


We've all had those days – you're rushing to get ready for work, but have no idea what the weather will be like, or what you should wear. When you don't have time to sit through local news reports, check your AccuWeather app. Get accurate weather forecasts for your area in no time, so you can get see the weather reports and get ready for work quickly. Plan your weekend with a 5-day forecast.


You've got exciting TV service with hundreds of channels, but sometimes you want to rewatch episodes of old favorite TV shows. With Netflix on your TV, you can check out older shows you love that you won't see on your regular television channels.

Get these top mobile apps for your television, and you'll love your smart TV more than you ever expected. Don't forget to check out the other excellent social media and entertainment apps available for your television.

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