Gaining Popularity Of Business Management Studies
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Gaining Popularity Of Business Management Studies

Business Management is the stream of education that provides knowledge and training that involves the planning, execution, and analysis of business strategies.

Business Management aspirants learn how to establish a company, and also gain knowledge about other functionalities such as finances, administration, human resources, sales & marketing, etc.

Business Management is one of those studies that can be pursued by students from all the streams–Commerce, Science, and Arts–and can be taken up at an undergraduate (BBA/BMS), postgraduate (MBA/PGDM), and doctoral (Ph.D., FPM) level.

 After completing a business management degree, an individual stands many chances to get high-paying respectable corporate jobs.

A bachelor’s degree holder can get hired as an executive in major industrial sectors and after completing a post-graduate course in commerce and management, a student gets excellent opportunities to work at managerial levels.

 We can divide commerce and management studies largely into two levels: undergraduate and postgraduate.

At the undergraduate or bachelor’s level, the aspirants can opt for programs such as Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), and Integrated MBA.

At the postgraduate or master’s level, the candidate can go for courses like Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM).

 After successfully completing a management course, a candidate has many job opportunities, such as:

 Marketing & Sales Representative: Marketing & Sales Representatives are responsible for the sales of goods and services, relations with the customers, maintenance of records of current and new clients, and working towards bringing more clients.      

Management Trainee: A management trainee performs managerial duties under the guidance of seniors, gains knowledge of various business operations, and makes sure they complete the tasks assigned to them within the stipulated timeline.

 Financial Analyst: The job of a financial analyst is to explore and assess investment opportunities on behalf of an individual or a business enterprise. They advise investment in bonds, securities, mutual funds, banks, stocks, etc. 

Marketing Executive: Marketing executives are involved in formulating plans to increase the reach of goods and services and devise strategies that would help in increasing sales.

Their role includes performing tasks assigned by seniors, maintaining records, and helping in strategizing and implementing marketing campaigns.

 Manager: Managers are needed in every organization to lead and supervise a team’s performance to increase the revenue of a company. A business hires skilled and trained individuals as managers for each department to plan and execute day-to-day functioning, encourage the team to augment their performance, and meet the targets within the deadline.

 Assistant Manager: As the name suggests, these people assist the manager in the effective operation of the department, perform managerial tasks and administer the team members on the behalf of the manager.

 Business Analyst: Business analysts are involved in analysing the current status of a business, projecting, outlining problems, providing solutions, and planning the budget for new projects.

A business analyst plays the role of a business advisor to the shareholders in helping them plan future projects and manage the finances of the business. 

There are various subjects that a student can study under the Business Management stream, such as:

Accounting; Business Economics; Business Law; Economic Management; Finance; Human Resource Management; Information Systems and Information Technology; International Business; Management; Marketing, and Digital Marketing; Taxation; Supply Chain Management; Tourism; Econometrics; and Banking.

 Business management studies have gained popularity lately in India as well we abroad. Various top MBA universities are there in India, with students coming from across the globe to pursue management studies.

However, many students don’t have clarity and correct knowledge about the plethora of specializations that can be beneficial for them. You may be good with numbers and you might end up doing an MBA in HR management, but it would not let you use your skills fully, as much as an MBA in finance would.

There are many areas of specialization in the business management field:

· Human Resource Management

· Finance

· Marketing


· Information technology and systems

· Healthcare


· Business Analytics


· Supply chain

Some of the main reasons for the growing demand for management courses are:

· Practical work experience and exposure

· Gaining special soft skills

· Add value to one’s CV

· A plethora of new opportunities

· High pay packages

· Change of work profile

· Better networking

 Eligibility and Entrance:

Eligibility criteria for an MBA course: The candidate must have a 50% score (the percentage can vary from college to college), in their graduation, from a recognized university. Along with the minimum percentage, the candidate also needs to qualify for various exams stated below:









Apart from the most popular institutes like IITs and IIMs, there are many colleges known for providing pioneering education over the years. Some of them are private universities, while some are government institutes.

We will focus on some of the top MBA universities at UP. We have mentioned some of them below. These colleges include some of the best private colleges in Meerut-

1. Shri Venkateshwara University (SVU)

2. Amity Business School

3. Birla Institute of Management Technology

4. Galgotias University

5. KIET Group of Institutions

Shri Venkateshwara University has shown major progress in education and learning. With state-of-the-art infrastructure, expert faculties, skilled education, top-class amenities, and good placements, SVU has become one of the best choices for pursuing an MBA degree.

It holds a high rank among the top universities in Meerut. The courses that are offered at SVU are BBA, MBA, M.Phil., Ph.D., etc. along with various fields in which you can specialize:

 1. HR

2. Finance

3. Marketing

4. Market Management

5. Rural Management

6. Information Technology

7. International Business

8. Supply chain Management

 Commerce & Business Management studies have always been in-demand courses and their relevance and popularity will only grow in the coming future.