Will Facebook Choose HTML 5?
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Will Facebook Choose HTML 5?

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Earlier this year, Facebook announced publicly the HTML 5 mobile strategy - make mobile Web browser priority and not for specific mobile platform. However local application has the sensitive reaction, the advantages of easy to generalize, and compared with the Web edition, can better integrate with mobile phone. Facebook current mobile applications are popular, but the company focus is not here, these application development lags behind, the (compared with other social application,) it was a little bit poor". From a strategic perspective, a meta hobbyhorse. Facebook chief technical officer Bret Taylor announced in January this year, he made it clear that this was to reduce the development of Facebook for different platform application the trouble and resistance, it also can reduce the Facebook platform developer problems.

The Facebook is coming out the news last week in mobile products. But through the heavy fog, we can see the biggest social networking site is creating the product plan for developers and users. Underneath, we come to read one by one.

What support does the company can provide? Erick answered: "at the moment we focus on getting our mobile web site with better, we will also continue to through our software development tool for iOS, Android and the blackberry platform developer." The conclusion is: it has been in the plan, but not yet ready. Facebook has been publicly help social game manufacturers to promote to html 5 rather than to Flash. Facebook apparently tend to Zynga the company produces CityVille Facebook game, but not completely turned to develop iOS applications.

Yes, but no unexpectedly. Google Former Ceo Eric Schmidt points out that the big four science : Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook is waging fierce battle of the platform. Each giants are trying to bridge local application and the gulf between the Web application. The creator of the Google Android has declared that the allegiance for HTML5; And Steve Jobs also reveal this favorite for html5. The reality is that developers have to make a choice between the Facebook application development and iOS and other local application platform development, and they only have so much time and resources. At present each platform can only be used to buy 30% of the profits; And in-app payment to carry forward, will have to become less complicated, when Facebook has make the idea a reality to convert PPT to video so that we can use the HTML 5 to view PPT on Facebook as a video. And we didn’t need to convert PowerPoint to PDF but we can directly view PDF on Facebook if the THML 5 really apply to Facebook.

Facebook wars with TechCrunch?

Maybe Senior author MG Siegler TechCrunch first reported the Facebook Sparta plan, he tried to ignore it on Facebook were unhappy with the practice. Personally, the author thinks that both too paranoid in his reading.

IPad application

Facebook has been considering to provide their own iPad applications, but because of various internal and external factors and failed to achieve, which includes both apple and the alignment of the falling apart, also including the strategic commitment to HTML5. But now, as the New York times reported that iPad version of Facebook application is going to launch.

This is not consistent with HTML5?

In fact, Facebook is not all HTML5. The 250 million mobile users on Facebook, about half through the browser to visit. But not all of the mobile phone has the browser function. Earlier this year, Facebook and partners called Snaptu launched an application to some designated phone mobile applications, the PDF Password remover can help you crack the PDF Password on the Facebook, but when Facebook apply the HTML5 to itself, the ebook will free and unlimited.

But Facebook application is already part of the local based on the HTML5. For example, on the right side of the Facebook iPhone application from screenshots, we can see the present dynamic update HTML5, this is because weaning error message is clicked HTML elements. We expect the Facebook mobile applications and local application will be soon consistent.