10 Reasons Of Google Have To Alert To The Apple TV
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10 reasons of Google have to alert to the Apple TV

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The rumors surrounding the Apple TV reach a new height. Almost every day have an Apple TV, new features, release date and price news came out. Apple TV rumors seem to be endless. Apple in the past, let the media hype, Apple TV never say whether they will publish in the near future.
Now, we assume that Apple is developing a TV, and further assume that the Apple TV will attract consumers and worth the media hype, Apple TV is clearly pose a threat to Google and Android will fundamentally.
Google and Android, of course, may not like the stakeholders as soon by the impact of Apple TV, but get to the bottom is not difficult to find, Google will bear the brunt of the introduction of the Apple TV.
The following are 10 reasons that Google need to guard against Apple TV:
1, Google TV for others to do the wedding dress
Apple TV to the impact of Google's way is Google TV platform. Google TV on the TV and TV set-top boxes running, including application support, to allow some users to control their DVRs, and even includes a Web browser. In other words, his ideas and Apple TV. The only problem is, most consumers can not stand Google TV, Apple released the Apple TV, Google TV will be in trouble.
2, the product the more the higher the mean sales
As Tim Cook, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently pointed out in the company's earnings conference, iPhone boost Apple sales more iPad and Mac computers. Given the epidemic potential of Apple TV, Apple TV is expected to also boost the sales of other products. Apple products have a tendency to boost product sales growth, this will be Google and Android manufacturers have a negative impact.
3, the iPhone, the iPod, iPad, or part from the remote control role
It is worth mentioning is that the rumors that the Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad will become the new TV remote control. Therefore, if people buy an Apple TV, it is possible to choose the iPhone, but not the Android device.And there are many software provie to help people to full enjoy their apple devide iPod Video Converter . If you already have an iPhone, will no longer buy Google TV. For Google really is a big problem.
4, developers will seriously consider the Apple TV
Google TV applications, but currently able to use applications are very few compelling applications for consumers, and even fewer. It is said that Apple plans to integrate its software store App Store. The importance of the App Store profits must allow developers to remember, they will seize the opportunity to create software for Apple TV. The developers will help Apple to suppress Google.
5, Apple TV will change the industry landscape
Although Apple will not per quarter in the global sales of tens of millions of high-definition television, but the company's quarterly sales of millions of TV should be no problem. The TV will change the pattern of technology. TV entered the family has more than ten years, people have been inseparable from the TV. If Apple is able to create a television brand loyalty, the company will be the long-term competitor to Google's.
6, the integration of cloud computing
Google's need to promote cloud computing, but the company's cloud computing project in addition to accomplish something on the computer, other projects are not acceptable for consumers. Apple with its iCloud vigorously promote cloud computing project, the iCloud there will be an opportunity to settled in Apple TV. Apple cloud computing assigned to Apple TV, Google think of to promote the project will be very difficult.
7, the TV war imminent
Competition in the face of Apple, Google has been bruised and battered. Apple holding the hands of nearly $ 100 billion in cash, and its revenues and profits continue to soar. TV war imminent, but Google could do nothing, do not have enough cash or strength with Apple to compete.
8, Google has not yet worked out the feasibility of countermeasures
If Apple enters the TV market, Google needs to respond. But the question is how Google respond? Google be satisfied to become a software provider in the television do not go far enough. Google can only move is to become a TV manufacturers, Google does not want to do. Apple to enter the television field, Google will be forced to one corner.
9, Apple TV will Google a long-term pressure
Apple TV will constitute a long-term pressure on Google and its Android. In the next few years, Apple will continue to sell television, the pressure exerted on the Google and Android will also be growing. Apple ready for a protracted war, and Google is not prepared.
10, Apple TV, the Android and Google to fade from public view
Be pointed out that Apple TV will allow other products and services to fade from public view. That is, Google products and services are not the public's attention, Android device will be out of date. Apple products have a huge shadow effect, the Apple TV is no exception

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