5 Best Blogs For MBA Students
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5 Best Blogs for MBA Students

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It has become a current trend for the youngsters in our nation to opt for an MBA after graduation. The decision to take CAT or GMAT after graduation is mainly a result of careful planning and decision-making. It is often observed by the aspirants that MBA leads to a well-paying job and a stable employment after the course is over, and the individual benefits in ways more than one.

A good job leads to a good lifestyle, which leads to a comfortable living and settling down earlier. Why would anyone want to pass this opportunity up? Due to their attractive placements, MBA schools in Delhi and IIMs of the country along with XLRI receive more than thousands of applications every year—and the number is only increasing.

For an aspirant of MBA, a good decision is to study well and prepare meticulously for the entrance examinations so that they can convert and get admission in their favoured colleges—which are mostly the best MBA institutes in Delhi the likes of IILM, IIM, or XLRI. However, along with the exam preparation which involves quantitative and qualitative sections, one must also engage themselves in the current scenario of business and international trends, and what impact it has on investments and businesses of our country. This knowledge not only helps in some sections of the competitive exams, but add to the preparation for the interviews, post the clearance of the tests. Plus, a general awareness is always good for a student aiming to become an efficient management or business professional at a global level. Here are some blogs, from all fronts, than can help MBA students get the extra knowledge they need:

Thought-provoking business blogs:

Harvard Business Review blogs: They are sampled from a number of prominent bloggers, and offer a top publication that has daily content on a wide range of sectors.

The Business Ethics Blog: This blog is run by Chris MacDonald, Ph.D., and a professor of Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, in Toronto. It gives its readers an ethical analysis of various businesses.


  1. Andrew Chen: This weekly newsletter, by a Silicon Valley insider, features long-term essays on wide-ranging topics—like mobile product design, to fundraising, to growth hacking.

  2. Practical Ecommerce Magazine: This periodical issue runs a gamut of online business education, including regularly updated verticals and webinars. The verticals include marketing, conversion, carts and platforms, social media, search engines, management, and design and development.

Business Culture:

PSFK: This blog has been around for a decade, and its main audience is a place to look for new ideas how to do things in a workplace. It is both fun and serious at the same time.

Sanders Says: The blog, maintained by Tim Sanders, revolves around people-centric business. The main topics are leadership and team dynamics.

1. Wide Coverage

Small Biz Daily: Covering a range of business topics, this blog includes management, money, sales and marketing, start-ups, tech, trends, and loans.

Down the Avenue: This blog is by the CEO and Founder of Magic Sauce Media, and exhibits news and insights on various topics: Innovation, business, PR, new media, and politics.


The Global Small Business Blog: Number-one-ranked blog for small businesses looking to expand internationally is run by Laurel Delaney, who is the author of Exporting, The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably. Delaney is also the president of Globe Trade