Advantages And Disadvantages For Tablet PCs
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Advantages And Disadvantages For Tablet PCs

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For tablet PCs, may be no one would unfamiliar with them. The most famous and welcomed is apple iPad. We only have computers before, then we found it unconvenient when we are out, so later laptops launching. With the necessary we used, tablet PCs which mostly transformed from a laptop configuration to that of a hand held tablet are made. Used as a laptop but requiring less space, very convenient for taking with. The most welcomed size may be 7 inch, such as the 7 inch VIA 8650 tablet PC, reviews nice now.

People who have tablet will know, there are two types design in the tablet market. Light weight tablets or slates that designed without a keyboard and rely solely on the touch screen interface like the iPad. There are laptops laying it flat on the top of the keyboard, like the Dell Inspiron Duo. Is the category later in this article, because there simply because the iPhone and its clones computing processor board is not strong enough to allow full completion of the task of running typical business applications and a laptop can.

As tablet PCs are reviewing so well, is it really they are perfect up to now? No matter what others think, but I don't think so. For everything exsited on the earth divides two sides. In other words, all of them has their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, tablet PCs are!

For disadvantages of tablet PCs: While these machines are much more portable than their desktop and laptop ancestors, they do tend to be heavier than the slate style tablet as they require more processor, graphics and hard drive space. However, newer models such as the Dell Duo offer netbook sized computing with the benefits of touch screen tablet usability while still having the power of a mid-level laptop.

The Apple iPad has the best touch screen available at present. It is unfortunate that the manufacturer's of convertible tablet PCs have not been able to match its performance as the computing limitations of the iPad mean that it can really only be used for internet surfing, minor tasks and games/entertainment. Just like the new arrival Eken M009F tablet PC, it is new, but still has gap as it released. Not really as perfect as it is!

Tablet PC Advantages: The greatest advantage of Tablet PCs is their mobility. Small and light, the tablet pc allows you to work in any situation. All tablet pc's share one thing in common, they use touch screen technology to allow you to input data on the very screen you are working on. This is why these machines are so small; in tablet mode you dispense with the keyboard and instead type on a virtual keyboard or handwrite with a stylus.

Another advantage of Tablet pc's is that they can be used for drawing and illustration with the aid of a stylus. This allows for a more creative and free-flowing interaction with the digital paper.

Touch screen technology has advanced greatly over the last few years with the arrival of the iPhone and iPad and this has percolated throughout the entire industry to help create a whole new generation of devices that are easier to use and boast an enhanced user experience. With the widespread adoption of this technology, the prices for convertible tablet pc's has also dropped rapidly and for the first time ever. For example, China tablet PC M009F which taking infotm X210 processor shows very cheap price. This technology can be acquired for the same price as a standard mid-level laptop.

Therefore, in order to get a portable, multi-purpose touch screen tablet PC which can cope with real computing tasks and run real application based software, besides an Android system tablet for choosing, a convertible tablet PC would be a more nice choice.

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