Creating Indian Games For OIG
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Creating Indian games for OIG

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Creative Head / Director
While working at Csharks, we always had this vision to promote games for the Indian audience. We could never find an avenue to do that all these years as game development was not considered a lucrative profession tille recent times. Now we have biggies like games2win, realgames etc making a mark of their own in the Indian online gaming. We had the opportunity to work with ibibo to deliver some of our local flavored games onto their social platform. But we could not be satisfied as we could not let all our imaginations and creations be featured at a single place for the Indian audience.

Along came game portal which was exclusively dedicated to provide local themed Indian games to the Indian crowd. We supported the venture by providing branded games which were specially created for the Indian audience. We hope to have a healthy relationship with the portal so that we could launch games on different verticals like independence struggle, Indian Mythology, Politics and what not. We also plan to create virtual world based games with avatars featuring Indians. This is something in the works, but the Indian online gamers can expect a lot from this portal. Currently the portal is in Beta and we are supporting the development of games for regular update on the portal. Csharks will have long lasting relation with this portal where we will be delivering majority of the content on the portal.

Current attractions on the portal are Balancing Mathai, Aunts Fighting, Coolie No.1, Jhansis Ride, Kappiri Jump, Rat and Cheese etc. Lot of new games are being developed, which will feature severe physics and fun levels. Expect a lot more from the stables of Csharks and the management of OIG.