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Life demands more, sometime extremely more from some people. But one has to face every circumstance there is no choice! It could be you, me or any body, but life brings so many surprises at one time to gather and may be those surprise may be in form of difficulties and troubles. The spirit is in to bounce back with renewed zeal and fighting all odds. Take the example of sport or the business decisions, they all demand resilience. If you have it, you will be there to defeat every challenge you had.

Recently I show a mans video on internet, he was not having legs or hands! And still he was more confident then any other forty plus individual in the world! He simply defeated his disabilities; he did not loose his will but grew up a confident man to inspire millions! I have not seen such a man with the brilliant resilience towards lifes unbelievable challenges.

He was taking moral lectures in schools and colleges, swimming, enjoying water rides too! On the other side we just foul cry for few difficulties and produce hundreds of excuse, if permitted if given freedom! Life is a game and you got to win it, no matter who is at advantage, you or the world in front of you. Just remember Chanakya, the historic Raj guru and expert strategist of stately governance almost four thousand eight hundreds back. He was insulted by an erst while king Dhanand for his remarks towards kings for his irresponsible rule.

As an advisor Chanakya gave him advice to stop indulging in leisure and lust. But the result was all against Chanakya, he was bluntly insulted by the ruling king. Not demoralizing to that Chanakya wowed him a sizable revenge. And look at what he created! A Samrat out of a shepherd named Chandra Gupt! Just imagine, what Chanakya taught as Guru to a humble shepherd!

He wishfully converted a shepherd to world renowned warior, and convinced him to fight against Dhanand to establish an exemplary just rule on the north eastern part of Indian sub continent! It is simply amazing intelligence of Chanakya as a teacher! Yes he was not in position to take revenge against Dhanand immediately since he was a warrior, a ruling King, but he took a long rout and more dangerous to Dhanand! Instead of spitting few insulting words, he created an opponent to the rule of Dhanand, and thus created an empire out of the greatness of Chandragupta Maurya, the Maurya dynasty, which later on gave one more Samrat (Emperor) Ashok!

This is it, you know, do not cry to your disabilities and challenges thrown in front of you by nature or the society, and face it with resilience. Either you win or you loose, but one thing will be sure that, you will able to see your face in the mirror with self respect! Victory or Defeat do not matter to those who simply act! Good Luck!

This Article was posted on by Bakul Valambhiya

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