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We are used to do so many resolutions even without thinking whether it really meant to us. It has been a tradition for most of us to do new year resolutions, independence day resolutions, mothers day resolution and fathers day resolution etc… etc…

Irony is not that we are not doing good resolutions which can change our life and perceptions, but we keep on repeating the same resolutions again and again, and what happens to most of us is we do not achieve anything out of it! And again we find us in the queue of making new resolutions.

It looks like renewing the old resolutions for couple of years to come, may be someday we able to make a desired change in our life! Not a bad idea instead!

Point here is why we are not careful enough to make those resolutions, which are difficult? At the same time it should really appeal us to be done to make definite change! We all are not politicians who keep on doing promises and more promises in front of people of their constituency for requested change, and keep on promising even further in next election, but hardly ten to fifteen percentages of their promises see the light of the day, and rest of them parish just like reverie!

Why we are inclined to do such false and ridiculous things to our lives? Who compel us to do so? Alas, we do not have answer for it. Because in reality, we do not even know the real question itself, that why we are doing resolutions?

It is all about lending our conscious to the question of doing some change in our life for better. And not that everybody do some good resolutions on some occasions that is why you decide to do the some, the resolutions!

Posted on by Kajal B. Valambhiya

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