The Challenge Of Overcoming Our Inhibitions
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The challenge of overcoming our inhibitions

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In our life we have to pass through countless challenges whether it is social life or the professional life challenges are there and it keeps on arising out of different corners of life. And it is extremely difficult to pass through them without any ones help!

We definitely do not want to keep on facing challenges alone and definitely seek some permanent solution. The solution lies in using our wisdom.

From my childhood I have faced numerous challenges and I sometime succeed in tackling some of them, and most of the time I failed due to various reasons. But for almost 34 years of coming to terms with life, with my own understanding, I found one thing very strange which plays very strong role in failing us to tackle each problem of our life independently is none other then our inhibitions.

We humans are all the time flooded with number of inhibitions which are mostly created due to lack of our abilities or concentration towards any task or understanding any situation. And this is not enough we also keep on following others inhibitions to our rescue to fly away from some difficult situations which we find difficult to handle with our abilities!

The irony is that we hardly touch or respect someones experience to improve our situation but without doubt we take up any ones inhibitions for our so called rescue, the escapism!

Looking at the different eventualities, I came to conclusion that our escapism plays major role in increasing our inhibitions.

You may have herd your friend saying that his friend faced so many problems in taking up science as subject in higher secondary so he also decided to opt for commerce since it is relatively easy! Strange! Right? He does not know the real reason for his friends failure but just listening the story, he decided to opt for Commerce!

The fact is we live our 75 percent of life with inhibitions which we have adopted in our life from our surroundings like friends and other members of our society! Most of the time we keep on saying that I know this and that, but think genuinely that how many of our claims have real first hand experience. Hardly few of them!

The wisdom is that we distinguish between the reality and the inhibitions.

Truth is that some challenges in life spare no one to find rescue in excuse, in terms of inhibitions, cant we care for observing that what we are using as
risque is true experience of our or someone else or the shallow inhibitions?

Biggest obstacle to human progress is inhibitions, if we keep on challenging such inhibitions, we can achieve anything.

I just give you my own example, I used to suffer from piles for quite long time, so many people told me that I should do Ayurvedic treatment and some said I should do Allopathic treatment. When I did Allopathic treatment, the doctor told me that if the medication does not affect you then you should get done operation and remove piles permanently. Since I did not have experience of operation on my body, I used to escape the surgery due to un known fear, that happened for three years, again some people and even doctor said that piles may recur and you may need further treatment, confused with all the suggestions I further suffered badly, but one day I decided that whatever happen there may be but today I am sure to get operated the piles out of my body and did the same thing, I just went to a General Surgeon and asked him to remove my hemorrhoids with laser surgery, and now I am recovering fast from the surgery wounds too!

So I on myself with my own guts and grace of god learnt to overcome my inhibition and emerged successful. If I did not tried to over come my fears, then still I would have to suffer the piles pain.

Hence we all humans need to overcome our inhibitions, and should be strong and live on our own will. This is the real essence of being human.

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