The Success Lies In Concentration But How?
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The success lies in concentration but how?

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We have heard that, one need to concentrate on the task one does, so one can get desired result.

Good, we all accept this fact but how many of us actually able to concentrate and succeed? And how many of us fail, any Guess?

Yes, we all somewhat know to concentrate on the task we do and some time we may even fail in doing so with concentration. Now what makes this failure?

Hence the question is real difficult but never mind we will definitely try our best to find satisfactory answer, if we get the answer, then it will be useful to so many of us and if we will fail, there will not be any loss at all!

Now, as per my observations the important objectives are more then one. There are two objectives to be addressed, one is concentration, and the other is the conscience. You may wonder that how these two to be co-ordinated together?

Then let me tell you that the lack of the synchrony between concentration and conscience is the real cause of most of the failure.
Why? Because, when we decide to concentrate on something we do, it does not happen consciously all the time!

Like habit of riding bicycle, which is the simple matter of memorized intelligence. We most of the time do our task with the help of our memory. So in reality we concentrate our memory/ subconscious for task we want to do rather then concentrating with our conscience.

As we grow older and older our memory gets more and more powerful and intricately understanding the task detail and due to this advantage we exploit our memory to do the task and we left behind our conscience!

There is no harm in using our memory for the task we do, and it automatically happens in most of our task since memorys core function is to memorize every minute details and action of routine task which we repeatedly do time and again. But due to this habit we forget to concentrate with our conscious and we keep on indulging in different state of mind and the reality is that we gradually keep ourselves subconscious. Most of our daily chorus are the functionality of subconscious (memory) due to this habit we can do things very well but most of them are routine things! Not new things.

The real question is this, what to do when we are doing something new? Due to habit of doing most of our daily task with the help of memory we are not able to concentrate with complete conscious! And due to lack of this understanding we crave to expand and enhance our memory. For that we keep on searching memory enhancer across the world. Then even though we expand our memory, the original problem of doing new things successfully remains equally difficult.
Why? Instead of learning to concentrate with our cent percent conscious, we keep on concentrating our subconscious. Actually our subconscious is subordinate to our conscious, whatever we do new with our conscious, this subordinate slave memory write it down in to it so when we repeat the same task it will be perfect if you first time did it with utter conscious. If you do not it consciously, you can not repeat it successfully!

Hence whenever you do new task, do it with cent percent conscious concentration so you would not fail in your task. It is that simple as this!

This article was posted on by Bakul Valambhiya