Medical Tourism – A Boom To Indian Healthcare Industry
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Medical Tourism – A Boom to Indian Healthcare Industry

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The Indian healthcare industry is estimated to be more than USD 35 billion, presently. According to the analysts, the market is expected to double by 2012 and reach USD 280 billion by 2020. The sector has registered a growth of 9.3 per cent between 2000-2009, comparable to the sectorial growth rate of other emerging economies such as China, Brazil and Mexico.


Key Growth Drivers

The primary growth drivers include the growing population, increasing at an annual rate of 2%, which is expected to surpass China and reach 1.6 billion by 2050. In addition, the prosperity in the income levels has elevated the standards of living and has increased the affordability towards better medical care and treatment. While per capita income was USD 620 in 2005, over 150 millionIndians have annual incomes of more than USD 1,000, and many who work inthe business services sector earn as much as USD 20,000 a year. While thisis a fraction of the income that their US peers earn, it is the equivalent ofmore than USD 100,000 per year when adjusted for purchasing power parity.

Another driving factor of the Indian Healthcare Industry has been the rise in diseases, increasing awareness and better diagnosis techniques. While ailments suchas poliomyelitis, leprosy, and neonatal tetanus will soon be eliminated,some communicable diseases once thought to be under control, suchas dengue fever, viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria, and pneumonia have returned in force or have developed a stubborn resistance to drugs. India is grappling with theemergence of diseases such as AIDS as well as food- and water-borneillnesses.

And as Indians live more affluent lives and adopt unhealthywestern diets that are high in fat and sugar, the country is experiencing arise in lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, cancer, and diabetes, whichis reaching epidemic proportions. According to the industry experts, at present there are around 41 million Indians are suffering from diabetes alone. This incidence is expected to reach 74 million in next 15 years, which would require an estimated cost of USD 30 billion for treatment and management of this disease.


Current Scenario of Medical Tourism

Given the current state of India’s healthcare system, its challenges and itsgrowth prospects, there are a number of market opportunities for foreign companies who can establish themselves in this high-growth market. For instance, Medical tourism is one of the major external drivers of growth of the Indianhealthcare sector.India’s medical tourism sector is expected to experience an annual growth rate of 30%, making it a USD 2 billion industry by 2012. Also, due to the increasing investments in the hospital sector, India is gradually becoming a hub for medical tourists.


Currently, the global medical tourism market is estimated to be around USD 80-90 billion and is expected to grow in double digits for the next five years.More than 5 million US patients travel to foreign destinations for various medical procedures, every year. The number is expected to become 6 million by 2010 and 15 million by 2015. Around 35 countries have enhanced their medical infrastructure to support the increasing amount of patients traveling abroad for medical care. According to analysts, the medical tourism market is expected to become 7% of total healthcare spend by 2015.



Foreign Investment

As per data released by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), the drugs and pharmaceuticals sector has attracted FDI worth US$ 1.66 billion between April 2000 and January 2010, while hospitals and diagnostic centers have received FDI worth US$ 761.18 million in the same period. Moreover, in March 2010, Fortis Healthcare announced the largest overseas acquisition by an Indian company in the healthcare space. It bought the entire 23.9 per cent stake held by TPG Capital in Singapore's Parkway Holding Ltd for US$ 686 million.


Asia's leading hospital chain, Columbia Asia Group, which already has six hospitals in the country, plans to ramp-up its operations in India by opening eight more multi-specialty community hospitals with a total capacity of 800 beds by mid-2012. The group has earmarked a total investment of US$ 177.1 million for the 14 hospitals.


Key Healthcare Providers

Some of the best-in-class medical care facilities include MedantaMedicity, Max Healthcare, Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital to name a few. All such health providers are well equipped to provide best-in-class medical care facilities across various medical conditions, including cardiac, neuro, orthopedics, eye care, dental, cosmetic and all forms of surgery.


In addition to the primary healthcare providers, India is witnessing the establishment of medical tourism facilitators, who are meant to provide all the value added services to patients who travel to India to avail medical treatment.Some of the key HCFs include Medico Global, AADI MediTour, Indo Medical Tourism, and Mediescapes India.


Government Initiatives

To capitalize on medical tourism and build a sustained public-privatepartnership in the hospital industry, the government is providinga variety of incentives, including lower import duties and higher depreciationrates on medical equipment, as well as expedited visas for overseas patientsseeking medical care in India. Also it is supporting public-private partnerships, e.g., Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital that can provide the best-in-class medical care facilities that can match the ones available in the developed nations.



The Indian healthcare sector can be viewed as a glass half empty or aglass half full. The challenges the sector faces are substantial, from theneed to improve physical infrastructure to the necessity of providinghealth insurance and ensuring the availability of trained medicalpersonnel. But the opportunities are equally compelling, from developingnew infrastructure and providing medical equipment to deliveringtelemedicine solutions and conducting cost-effective clinical trials. Forcompanies that view the Indian healthcare sector as a glass half full, thepotential is enormous.


About AADI MediTour India

AADI MediTour India is one of the leading medical tourism facilitators providing the best in class services to patients who want to travel for medical care and treatment. The company is headquartered in the National Capital of India – Delhi and is associated with all the best-in-class medical facilities’ providers located not only in Delhi, but also on the outskirts.


AADI MediTour India is dedicated to service not only the ‘in-bound’ patients who come to India, but also the ‘intra-bound’ patients who travel within India.Also, AADI MediTour is the only Indian provider of services, such as medical counseling, travel arrangements, emergency services, etc., to patients who are based in the NCR (National Capital Region of Delhi) and want to avail treatment in the NCR.

The company has been associated with the best hospitals in the country to offer the best doctors for the best treatment. In addition, it is strongly held by an extensive network of logistics and hospitality providers that make the stay of the patients as comforting as possible. Not to mention, the company has tied-up with Thomas Cook India, which help them provide the best prices on both air travel and hotel accommodation services. With a widespread network of top medical services and logistics providers across the country, AADI MediTour promises to fulfill a broad spectrum of patients’ requirements:


  1. Medical Care: AADI MediTour conducts an informed assessment of patients’ medical condition and provide them with various options / services that will help them navigate in the most comforting and effective manner. It ensures that its patients’ attain both medical and personal care that could ultimately give you best results and ultimate satisfaction. 
    1. Preliminary Case Analysis
    2. Provide Treatment Options
    3. Diagnostic / Preliminary Tests
    4. Hospitalization Arrangements
    5. Non-Conventional Treatments
    6. Follow-up Care
    7. Emergency Services

    8. Travel & Lodging: AADI MediTour India in affiliation with the best travel agents and accommodation providers, offers packages that are suited to patients’ requirements and help them attain the finest comfort at affordable prices. In addition, AADI MediTour helps organize leisure tours, private journeys and tailor-made itineraries, to the most spectacular places around India, which can help patientsto rejuvenate in a unique manner. With the rich and diverse cultural heritage, India is replete with exotic tourist spots, such as the Taj Mahal – one of the wonders of the world – is just one to name.


  1. Value Added Services: In addition to the core services, AADI MediTour offers unique services that differentiate them from the competitors and help the trip of patients as comforting as possible
    1. Interpreter Assistance
    2. Provision for Foreign Currency Exchange
    3. Local Mobile Number and Handset Availability


The organization is well equipped to fulfill all the medical needs either through its in-house medical care center – CHIKITSA MULTISPECIALTY HOSPITAL – or through its associated partners located in the National Capital Region, including Alchemist Institute of Medical Sciences, Artemis Health Institute, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences, Batra Hospital & Medical Research Center, BL Kapur Memorial Hospital, Max Healthcare, Metro Heart Institute, Metro Hospital & Cancer Institute, Paras Hospital, Rockland Hospital, QRG Central Hospital & Research Center, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital to name a few.


AADI MediTour India offers services across a wide range of medical areas, including cardiac care, cosmetic surgeries, dental care, gastrointestinal procedures, genetic medicine, hormonal problems, joint replacements, nephrology, neurology, orthopedic care, spinal procedures, IVF, stem cell, cancer, and urological procedures.


AADI MediTour India has dedicated itself to provide convenience to its patients, without any extra charges, and it is this motivation and dedication that has helped them reach this far. And it is confident that it will keep on providing such services to more and more people, and help the attain the feeling of staying at home, still away from home.


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