Lead By Example, Watch Your Success
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Lead by example, watch your success

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If you're in a leadership state, you have to be aware that you have a responsibility to your team. Managers always keep things in order through planning, executing, and evaluating while team members look to you for guidance and strength; that's part of what being a leader is. As a leader, part of your job is to inspire the people around you to push themselves – and, in turn, the company – to greatness. Keep in mind that managers by nature are pragmatists; leaders are dreamers.

The big part of your responsibility now is to lead them with your own actions. Leading – and living – by example isn't as hard as it might sound. It's really the easiest path. There are actually many ways to lead by example and it is not simply about being proactive or taking the initiative when a call to action is sounded. So here a few tips:

-          If you ask a co-worker to do something, make sure you'd be willing to do it yourself.

-          Leaders have many responsibilities, but it is important to work along side your team

-          Be mindful of what you say, to whom, and who is listening. Inspire others to do their best by encouraging them to believe in themselves and their abilities

-          All team members need to respect the leadership at every level

-          Listen and get feedback from your team regularly. Seek to understand

-          The only way to build a fitness oriented culture is to lead by example. Get in shape and lead from the front. Exercise, don’t overwork, take a break.

-          Acknowledge failure


Leading by example requires a commitment to remain true to self, and demonstrates consistency with your behaviors so that you are the person that other individuals will want to follow