ITS Time To BAT ?
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ITS time to BAT ?

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Behaviour is at the root of all actions and the behaviour that we notice of people in different situations is nothing but a symptom. Be it anything and anyone – children to adults, employees to employers, students to teachers, trainees to trainers, customers to sellers all of them display certain behaviours. These behaviours may be positive or negative and invariably results in provoking emotions of either person or quite often both.

Productivity and Performance of all people at all stages in one’s life is an outcome of one’s behaviour. This behaviour is propelled by one’s attitude. But the concrete wall-like attitude by itself is a result of glue-like mindsets and die-hard habits. All training and development activities needs to directly deal with behaviours of people and not just a list of do’s and don’ts. This is also the reason why our parents, bosses and even teachers fail to influence the behaviours of their children, subordinate staff or students respectively. They advice, advice and advice and it just fails, fails, and fails!

Training & Development has the power to influence performance of individuals through the behavioural route. To enhance people’s productivity, organisations, educational institutions and families invest time effort and money. To gain faster and predictable outcomes one has no choice but to deal with people’s behaviour. Behaviour is caught and not taught and hence may lead to unconscious thoughts and beliefs in oneself and these thoughts and beliefs may not always be positive, healthy and good for, either, the individual, the team, the family or the organisation.

No training can be effective if behaviours are not dealt within the training format irrespective of topic on which one is training. Behavioural Training and development is both an art and equally a well established science. Huge advances in Behavioural sciences like Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology has contributed immensely to make training more and more result oriented. Today one can confidently assert that Training does give substantial returns on investment definitely through the Behaviour pathway.

It is time you pave the way forward, with a solid foundation in Behavioural methods at training and development. Behavioural Training of the Trainers helps to understand as to how they can easily change over to ‘inside-out training’ in order to be able to influence their participants to change their behaviours for the better.

Non-behavioural approaches bank heavily on text book knowledge, and tends to become teacher centred and as a result does not yield positive results. They are called the outmoded outside-in approach to training that does not guarantee change or improvement in performance or productivity in whatever field. Hence it is high time one change’s over to participant centred approaches where behaviour is the key.

Behavioural training is the in-thing that takes you on the path of a true Training professional. Behavioural Training has the added advantage of measurements as it strongly believes in measuring where you are now so that the training can be designed behaviourally to take you where you would want to be. Pre, during and post measurements are certainly possible. And that’s a definite plus for those who are groping in the dark. Now can you be left behind?

It is time to BAT!