Top 5 Mobile Technology Waves For 2021
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Top 5 Mobile Technology Waves for 2021

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Writer and Digital Marketer

If you want your business to reach new heights and compete against all the big corporations. Then, you have to be aware of all the latest trends in mobile technology otherwise you will be left behind. A small company owner is always looking for a means to expand their business and to reach more customers. If you are using it right then your smartphone can evolve into a way to achieve your goals.

 These mobile technologies are not only helpful for the companies and shop owners. They are also useful for regular smartphone users and an app developer. Would you like to find about the Top 5 Mobile Technology Trends for 2021 and the ones which are likely to develop over the next few years? We don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to find out the smart technology which can bring tremendous change in your life.

 1.  Smartphones Artificial Intelligence:- This technology in a way we can say is still in the development stage and we have a lot to learn about it and improve and we are learning from our past mistakes to fix the current problems. Where in the past only manufacturing companies were using robotic machines to produce commodities for consumers. But now things are changing and Artificial Intelligence not long ago was introduced for regular smartphone users. If you want some of the examples of artificial intelligence Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri.

If you have a question all you have to do is Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant voice commands and they will answer your questions. Now you don't have to scroll through long articles on different information about a specific subject. Just ask artificial intelligence software-based gadgets and they will bring all the information to you. But now the use of voice recognition will help you understand the customer and what they like and dislike so you can show them advertisements accordingly and increase sales. Voice recognition also assists you with gadgets without using your hands. The app developers will be able to understand their user's need to develop apps based on the research.

 2.  Increased Mobile Security:- Do you feel safe doing the online transaction? Based on various research some people never feel comfortable while making online payments. But since we are living in the modern era every shop owner and company usually accept payment online. If you are willing to give your customers a modern way of shopping and are taking online payments. Are you providing them with the security they deserve and protecting the personal information they are sharing with you? Is your app safe, can they trust you. Companies and app developers are taking further steps in this direction since corporations don't want to lose their loyal customers. They are only hiring developers who can help them protect their customers. Both of them are trying to build a safe place for consumers to easily make online transactions.

 3.  Location Tracking Apps:- Whenever we download most of the apps they always ask for your current location. Once you give them your current location only then it allows access to the app. Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, Ola are some of these apps which ask for your location. Let me clarify what the use of location tracking apps is?

Imagine that you have downloaded a certain clothing brand app that also has stores in different locations. After downloading it if you ever go near one of their stores or pass it by. You will right away receive push notifications about all the current offers running on that store. So that you can decide whether you like to visit them or not? It is one of the other tactics of marketers to increase their sales.

4.  Smart Homes and Cities:- A technology that helps you easily control all electronic items in your house with the help of your smartphone or with voice commands. These days lots of companies are selling air conditioners that you can control from anywhere. In the past when we were out in the sun for long hours and came back and waited for the AC to cool down the room, the waiting part was the worst. But in the present, you can turn on the AC with the help of your smartphone before reaching home and even control the temperature. You can control your house light and play music by giving voice commands to Alexa, Siri. This technology keeps developing and in the future, everything can be controlled through voice command or with the help of your phone.

5. Biometric technology:-  Biometrics is an important part of every smartphone and helps app developers to design better apps for users. I mean without biometric our smartphones will be without any protection. It helps us save our private information from the invaders who try to peek into our phones. Even when someone can get a handle on our phone password or anything we want some of our apps to be secured so no one other than us can open them. That's why fingerprints, voice recognition, signature recognition, facial recognition software are important for better security. Even the latest iPhone will provide you with facial recognition software to unlock your smartphone. Even the upcoming app developers trying to include fingerprint software to unlock the app this way no one can open your app other than you. Various used smartphones sell online might experiment with this technology and soon release the latest biometric technology smartphone this year.

Final Verdict:-  No one could have predicted a few decades ago that we are going to move with this fast pace in the tech universe shortly. But look at us now we have devices like smartphones which are proving to be one of the best inventions of science and how they are helping us build a smart future. When companies decide to introduce more advanced smartphones with smart apps they will sell phones to help you.