Hygiene Is Two Thirds Of Health
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Hygiene is two thirds of health

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Including workplace hygiene in the HR curriculum should be mandatory. An HR manager is ultimately employed for looking after his/her employees and maintaining employee health is a part of that module. A hygienic workplace ensures employee health and a healthy staff is required for enriching the overall performance levels. The more health issues more will be the number of absenteeism thus decreasing the staff and overall performance.

It is also the duty of the employee to take care of self hygiene along with the workplace hygiene. One should take utmost caution with personal appearance. If an illness prevails one should report that to the manager and ensure that it does not affect the co-employees. An unhygienic ground breeds infectious diseases thus aggravating health related concerns.

When an employee spends more than half of his/her day at the workplace, it is very important to maintain conditions that help him/her perform better. The drinking water, kitchen, toilets, cafeteria, etc are the areas where pathogens reside hence they should be sanitized and cleaned regularly.

Any hazardous material if found should be reported to senior. Fire extinguishers should be present in case of an emergency. The employee should be equipped with skills to combat a state of emergency.

-Arti Bakshi