Latest Website Design Trends
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Latest Website Design Trends

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Over the past decade, internet has emerged as the primary source of information and the searchers are accessing this information on an array of devices. As a result, it has become all the more essential for the businesses that promote products and services, or run e-commerce websites, to have a strong brand presence on the web. Apart from the obvious purpose of promoting your brand, the website is the right place to reflect your brand identity and values. Simply building a run-of-the-mill website is not enough and the site must be clearly visible to your target audience and readily accessible when they are searching for what you want to promote. In fact the web is not only about these basic functionalities. Many experts observe that just like fashion and interior design, the web also follows a trend!

The design influence is merely a reflection of the culture and expectations for user interfaces. So far, the year 2012 has brought upon some amazing changes in design and Internet technology. website design has become a much smoother subject to jump into learning, not to mention the countless open source libraries useful in streamlining the process. However, as they say, man’s habit of never being satisfied with what he has, always leads to creation of something new. In this article we are trying to offer you an insight regarding a few trends that the web design world has adopted in 2013.

To begin with, content creation remains the most vital of all, as only the efficient, searchable, accessible, multi-platform content ensures best interactive experience for your user. Further, the modus operandi must be governed by simplicity. Here, we are not just talking about PCs but our world is also mobile. Hence, it is no surprise that while a web site viewed on a desk top computer remains important, accessing the site on a mobile device such as a tablet or a smart phone is rapidly becoming the norm. In such a scenario, simplifying the content and design from the user’s point of view is the only key to success.

There are numerous other ways that can enhance the average user’s experience. You can make the page elements to respond quickly to keyboard/mouse input and behave as expected. Some examples may include side fly-out menus, drop-down boxes, and popup windows. Including famous JavaScript libraries such as Moo-tools and jQuery, it has now become much easier to animate these features and even more. Most modern-day browsers support this code and even gracefully degrade when the scripts aren’t available. Ultimately you want to make the user feel comfortable when interacting with anywhere in the design and this is what acknowledges your presence on the web.

Over the next few months, it has been predicted that the web design world is going to witness a process of transformation for most desktop websites, which will increasingly imitate the style and interfaces of mobile apps, unifying and simplifying content and design and at the same time facilitating the creation of responsive projects leading to a complete unification of desktop and mobile to a single version. Further, a trend to employ, seemingly aesthetic matters such as, app-style interfaces, design focusing on typography, less decoration, flat colors and flat style would bring the web design closer to create adaptive projects and serve images and scalable elements to retina displays with excellent performance on 3G connections, mobiles with inferior provisions from the non-western market and to devices such as e-Readers.

Amidst these constant changes, what becomes a difficult task is to choose a company that understands these key web trends, one that you can fully trust to build you a web site that works, wherever it is accessed from. And yes, a first impression really does count. Research has shown that if the first impression of your website is not favorable your visitors are likely to move on to your competitor’s site, even if you are offering superior quality products and services at more affordable rates.

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