Top 10 Web Design Tools That You Must Know
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Top 10 Web Design Tools That You Must Know

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Web designing is a critical thing to do, especially if you are a newbie. To make an interactive website, you need to have a lot of tools and be familiar about how to use them. As a good soldier has a good amount of weapons in his armory, you will also need to have a lot of tools with you to craft the best website that is in your mind.

Here are 10 of the basic tools that you will need for web designing.

1. Text Editor
2. Internet Browser
3. Firebug
4. Web Host
5. FTP Client
6. Domain Name
7. Image Editor
8. Content Management System
9. Google Keyword Tool
10. Stock Image Website

By far, the most important tool you need in basic to create a website is a text editor. When you code a website, you need a text editor to code them properly. Many people try to code with word processors and other places. But word processors will keep the formatting, on the other hand, text editors will not keep any formatting and you can type without any worries. Notepad++ is the developer’s choice while designing a website.

Well, this is pretty obvious, if you are designing a website, you need a web browser. But the question is which web browsers do you need? Firefox and chrome are by far the best choices by the developers.

You need a web host to host your website. The web host has to be reliable and they will have maximum server uptime as possible. Before you hire a web host, make sure you know the details about them, and have read the reviews of the web host.

To move your files that you have designed and transfer those files and publish them on the internet, you will be needing an FTP Client. FileZilla is the best and the most easy to use FTP Client out there.

Firebug is a Firefox plugin, it will give you a real time check of syntax errors that you have made in your coding. This plugin will look for bugs and will notify you about the bug and the problem that it will be creating after you are done publishing the website.

The domain name is a must have tool for every web designer. Every website in the world has a domain name. This is the name by which one can identify and remember a website for a future use. Keep the SEO in mind while getting a domain name because if the keywords are in the domain name, the search engine will give you more priority.

An image editor is a must. You need to edit and crop and change dimension of the images from time to time on demand. Photoshop is the best image editor out there in the market, but it is quite expensive and newbie designers may not be able to use it in the primary stages. is another image editor, works like Photoshop and is free of cost.

A content management system, on CMS in short is a necessity too. They save you a great deal of time, and some CMS like Wordpress and Joomla are so powerful enough to help you make your website in hours.

SEO is important, so you need to make a research on which keyword is more competitive than which. That is the density of the keyword that Google desires and find out more about how you can make your website SEO friendly. Google Keyword Tool is an excellent and the ultimate source of all these resources.

You need to have a subscription in a stock image website. You can always download photos from Google and use it on your website, but are you sure that you have the license to do that? If you have a subscription in a stock image website, you can download the photos by paying a small license premium and be sure that you have the permission to use that image.