Hindutwa Versus Exclusivity Theory Of Islam - ISLAM Or Hindutwa - Which Is More Extreme And Intolerant Ideologically And With It
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Hindutwa versus Exclusivity Theory of Islam - ISLAM or Hindutwa - Which is more extreme and intolerant ideologically and with it

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IS RSS AS DANGEROUSE AS ISLAM & ITS ORGANIZATIONAL OUTFITS? Intolerance and extremism in the ideology will be there with its followers too. TO START WITH:This is not to go extreme in the way of denying or talking against extremism and this is not to claim exclusivity to deny and talk against the theory of exclusivity and its proponents.But this is just to say and state that one has not to feel wrong or inferior, rather has to feel really proud and equally superior with others, in being an Indian or a Hindu or in holding Indian way, culture and vision in living, seeking truth and approaching God.Problem is and was not of Hinduism and Hindutwa. Hindutwa and Hinduism are never, and have never been, against accommodating others into its fold. Rather through out the history of India, India was accommodating all and all into it as per its broader vision of oneness of all and its interpretation.The problem was with Semitic religions. They wanted to exclude all others from their chance of being right and true. They argued as if only they can be the right and exist as the only true path from God, putting all others in the same category of “untrue”. To the extend that the Semitic religions could not see India as a land of prophets and holy books. They could not show, among all their prophets and people of divinity and divine books, one from India or china, two biggest civilization and densely populated nations of the world.Islam as a religion and an ideology, among other Semitic religion, if allowed and given free space (be it in India or anywhere), is and will be a religion behaving in totalitarian and fascistic way, centralizing everything into Quran and Sharia and denying all others. It can’t heed to the sayings of people and democracy, except to the sayings of Allah and Mohammed. It believes in full stop (with Mohammed and Quran) in relation to giving and getting views, visions and version as to how to rule and be ruled and as to how to live and whom to follow. It is against freedom of faith, speech and expression. It doesn’t (in its core) believe in literature and poetry. It won’t allow creative art of paintings, sculpturing and dancing to exist. It can’t think about different versions about and from life and God. It stands for only one way for life and to God. It can’t think of co-existing with other views and religions, respecting other religions and ideologies as a different version of same truth and path to God. It can’t think about an opposition and opposite view to Quran and Mohammed. It can’t think about diverse cultures and views and can’t recognize all diversities with the chance of being right and true. It stands for uniform civil code based on Quran and sharia.Hence, the question is, why should one see wrong (attributing fascism and totalitarianism) with Hindutwa and Hinduism in its standing up to defend itself from being attacked or excluded by Semitic religions and Islam. Why should it be called as fascistic just for its upholding the all-accommodating and all-encompassing great Indian vision and culture of oneness of all and Advaita.Hinduism and Hindutwa is just showing to the world that India has more number of such prophets in the name of Rishis, Rishikas and Munis and has much more number of book in the name of four Vedas (divine and directly revealed), many Upanishads (explanation to the essence of Vedas) and Puranas (narratives of the history of the universe from creation to destruction) that can coexist with all other diverse views and version about life and God, giving all equal chance to be right and to be on right path.  ABOUT GENERAL MUSLIMS Muslims are Muslims, and are able to be Muslims, just because they don’t know Islam and Quran, or they don’t go strict by Islam and Quran. Going strictly by Islam and Quran, one can neither be a secular nor a democrat or a nationalist. Muslims are Muslims just because they are born and brought up the way they are. This could be and would be the case of any other religious people or community also. Just communally they are becoming the people of certain religion. However, those Muslims who happen ever to learn and know real Islam and Quran with its meaning in real sense, they will either become its deniers (to seek the real spirituality outside the narrow confinements) or they will become (or will be made to be) extremists and intolerants, excluding the chance of any other being right and on right path. Knowing Islam and Quran in its real sense, one can’t help but become an intolerant extremists or a denier (denying, seeking the real spiritual heights). Just because of very peculiar nature of Islam as a religion (politically driven) and Quran as a book. Denying all to remain and prevail only Islam and Quran.Hence, what all we talk about intolerance and extremism are not to be seen as applicable in the case of common Muslims in India (or any where). They are like any other community any where in the world. Living the way they got used to. Good and mostly innocently, like any others, in following and imitating, being unaware of real political Islam and Arabic Quran, as to what it stands for. THE ROOT CAUSE OF EXTREMISM AND INTOLERANCE AMONG MUSLIMS. No society (consisting of all its organizations) can’t be treated from its sickness of (its tendency and attitude of) becoming intolerant and extreme so easily, without diagnosing the real reason behind, locating the same and treating the same from the root. No one can treat any disease only from the tip. Problem is, than getting treated, the sickness is getting worsened by sheer pretensions of public personalities pleasing and becoming equally mealy mouthed in their public talks to blindly say and state that all the religions are (or any other religion) the religions of peace, harmony and tolerance. Just to sooth and share the chairs on each other’s stages or to share the vote banks thereby. We don’t know from where they get this idea about all religions.It is not the believers, or any particular community, or their behavior patterns that have really to matter to us. All humans will have the same kind of behavior patterns that the human nature will allow, with a wide area for difference among them. What has to matter to us is the real agenda and real belief contemplated by religions. A bottle is not dangerous because of its name, color or shape. What is dangerous is the thing that is filled in it. The ideology that is filled or injected in makes any organization or believer or follower too to be dangerous, extreme or intolerant.To treat the attitude leading any community to the extremism and intolerance, we have to treat the same from the root. Root reason is the slogan, prescriptions, agendas and beliefs preached and contemplated by each religion. Hence, in addressing the extremism and intolerance of Muslims too, if there is any, we will have to check, question and treat the root of Islam. The root reason of Islamic ideology, Quran.So, while discussing about extremism and intolerance and its soft presentation by some Muslim organizations like SIMI, NDF or SDPI and JIH and any and all politically driven and interpreting Muslim Organizations and their using the base of common Muslims for their agendas of extremism and intolerance, on purely religious and ideological basis, we should not be blind not to see and understand that the extremism and intolerance of these organizations and its followers are only the symptoms and tips of greater disease and real iceberg down. Than looking at the branches, and at the flowers or fruits on it, we have to be wise enough to open up our eyes to see the reason/root down, and even with the seeds. Reason or seed or root is Islam and is the peculiar kind of faith and following Islam seeks from its believers and followers. Islam has a very sickening narrow way of thinking exclusive, as one and only and as the final and last word. Especially politically introduced Islam. The political Islam with its politically compiled book of Quran, as its constitution.  EXCLUSIVITY THEORY & EXTREMISM Islam's, as an ideology, and Arab world’s case as a whole, is little different and peculiar (even Christianity's in its original form). In Arabian Desert, mostly, you can’t see more than one kind of a tree, the date palm tree, or more than one kind of an animal, the camel. Like that is Arab’s case with religions and concepts. Only one. They can’ think otherwise. They can’t think of plurals.For them, there is only one book and it is compulsory for a Muslim to follow one and only book of Quran to be a Muslim. As for Islam and Arabs, there can be only one version, concept and vision about God and Truth. That is what Quran teaches and Mohammed has taught. There can be only one holy place “Kaaba” (Arab cultural and national symbol). They can’t think about any other place any where in the world than Kaaba as sacred and divine center. Except those of Prophets’ mosque (Masjuunnabawi) and Masjidul Aqsa in Jerusalem (just because its history is the same that of Christians and Jews). Except to these ones, to all other concepts, worlds and its beliefs they are closed.Here lies the root cause of intolerance and extremism in and with Islam and Semitic religions. There can't come any other book or prophet or a person of divinity from God after Quran and Mohammed. For them, God’s doors are closed and path to God is only through Muhammed. All the books and prophets or divine personalities before and after Quran and Muhammed have to be ignored. There can't be even any change to what Mohammed and Quran said and no other new words from any great people, even if it is to suit the time and place, can come in place of Quran and Mohammed’s word. And there can’t be more than one divine center, except Mekkah and its Kaaba.What else one would need to be extreme and intolerant? Ask any real Muslim who knows and follows Quran and Hadith, knowing its meaning and sense. He would raise this as a matter of their pride and boasting and as the basic fundamental of being a Muslim. Muslims ask and believe only the Quran to prevail (and no other new to come and remain) as the last and final constitution for the whole world, with which only, they think, as instructed by Quran and Mohammed, the whole world has be ruled and only by and through which all in this world has to live and seek the truth and God..So, the root cause of intolerance and extremism is with Islam, as an ideology and a religion, or Semitic religions, and its book. Its adamant stand to have and hold only one and to consider holding of any other than this one is wrong and punishable herein and after. Be it for the book, holy places, names for God, even the language. And this intolerant and extreme stand of Islam is further strengthened in any Muslim’s mind as a need, faith and practice, when it is said by the same religion of Islam (or Quran or by Mohammed) that one will be going to hell or heaven based on how steadfast and strict he is in dedicating to this stand as his need, faith and practice. A Muslim has to consider Mohammed and Islam dearer to him than his parents and children.Sole a condition for a Muslim to go to heaven or paradise is to believe only in one Quran as the last and final book, implementing and practicing only the same, believing only in one Allah, in the only one name of Allah (with other attribute names to Allah). Believing only in Muhammed as only one human body as the messenger and sole agent of God (Allah) as applicable for the time after him, praying in only one language and directing all prayers towards only one direction of Mekkah or Kaaba. Not to believe in Quran as the last and final word from God, or Mohammed as the last and final prophet, and not to follow, practice and live only in accordance with Quran and Mohammed’s examples will lead one to the hell after his death. So, one can’t be other than an extremist and intolerant if he has to go to heaven/paradise as per Islam. INDIA, HINDUTWA AND RSS. Unless one intentionally wants to deny it or need to term it as fascism for their temporary vested political or communal interest, or unless one really want to alienate himself from mainstream India and Indian way of living, to go as a separate, strange and non-mingling stream, it is easy to understand Hinduism as an ideology that can accommodate all ideologies and concepts of God and truth into one and Hindutwa as Indian’s way of identifying him with the culture and geography of the land he is born and living in. It is not a tough thing for one to be a Hindu or an Indian.Hinduism or Hindutva's stands for cultural nationalism. It never argues or stands for racial nationalism. It stands for Indian identity, face and character. So, itself it has not to be termed as fascism.Indian subcontinent is the homeland of Hindus or Indians. Indians or Hindus consider India as their motherland and Indian culture is represented in Hindu way of living and values. This is what Hindutwa simply is and has to be.It would be better to explain it little more clearly for easy understanding. Indians share a common culture, history and ancestry. India's diversity with different customs, traditions and ways of worship is and was its unique feature. This diversity should not be seen as its weakness, rather should be seen as its strength, because India has a strong vision based, philosophically strong and culturally good basis for the same, which is also originally Indian. The Indian natives (Hindus), together with all this diversity, will automatically share the same philosophy, values and aspirations of and for life. This is, and has been, the cultural and a civilizational basis of and for India as a nation. And this is what Hindutwa is and has to be.RSS, or other Hindutwa organizations and outfits, being depicted as the main agents of Hindutwa in present day India, will also be seeing the term “Hindu” more in cultural and national way. The term Hindu is a cultural and civilizational concept. It is not a political or religious dogma. The term “Hindu” as a cultural concept includes all in India, irrespective of difference in their belief and practice, be they are Sikhs or Buddhists or Jains or Mulims or Christians or Parsis. Because they are born and living in India and not because of their different religious affiliation Their religious affiliation may ask them deny being called “Hindu”. India as a mother will still consider them as its sons, Hindu sons. It is never India and Indian culture that is not allowing any one from being a Hindu or an Indian. It is the very peculiar totalitarian nature of Semitic religion, and its exclusive way of wanting and looking at, that makes its believers not to allow them to be a complete Indian or a Hindu.It has to be read as a true a fact as well, that the cultural nationality of India is Hindu. All who are born and who have adopted India as their Motherland or Fatherland, including Muslims, Christians and Parsis, are basically and originally Hindus. The word Hindu refers to people living in a particular geographical area of India. Hence, who ever born in India is a Hindu and has to be termed and addressed as a Hindu. This is has not to be a matter of RSS conviction only, but also is a fact and belief in and from the history of India, that the people born and living in India are Hindus culturally and nationally.The word Hinduism or Hindutwa is only a word to get identified as Hindu or Indian, by Indian’s geography, vision and culture, as different from foreign geography, vision and culture of Christianity and Islam which denies, in its sole original form, all others for its exclusivity and totalitarian claim and power. Those Semitic religions that claim exclusivity and attack all other to destroy. Hindutwa and Hinduism is a religion and a cultural basis, superior perhaps, that can accommodate all differences within without being in enmity with any other religion. It goes further beyond to say that a person can qualify as a Hindu, if he can considers India as his mother land or fatherland. This dentition, by its default, does not exclude Christians and Muslims from being Hindus. Rather they are excluded from mainstream Indian and Hindu identification and identity just because of the features and exclusivity claim of all Semitic religions, including Islam and Christianity, which consider its book is the last book, its prophet (Mohammed or Jesus) is the last prophet or man of God and Mekkah or Palestine only are the holy lands. So itself, it is not the blame and fault of Hindutwa or Hinduism not to accommodate Christianity and Islam in its fold. Hindutwa can accommodate all and all in it. But the sheer feature and exclusivity claim of Islam and Christianity will not allow themselves to be accommodated and merging with any nation and its culture.For an Indian and for a Hindu, the story is different. There are lots and lots of books in India for Hindus. Also there are thousands of stories and interpretations providing possibilities for many different visions and versions. There thousands of possible version (as idols) for man resort to reach God, none of them being compulsory on any one to believe in till he finds himself the meaning and purpose by himself. In spite of all these great many books, idols and stories and its many different versions and visions, it is not compulsory for any Indian or Hindu to follow or believe in any of such books or idols or stories strictly, as a must, to be a Hindu. He can follow any among all these. He can be choosy in the way he can apply it.Here lies the greatness and great freedom of being an Indian or a Hindu or by being an Indian or a Hindu. They are blessed with a term Hindu (or concept of Hindutwa) that gives them freedom. A religion or concept that considers that the choice and path to seek and reach truth and God should be in accordance with the level and standard of each seeker and believer. At least, that is how it is learned and interpreted from Indian books, subjecting it to great deep rooted visions and enabling it to go hand in hand with modern day. That is why and how India, Hindutwa and Hinduism is, the way it is today.  TRUE FACE OF ISLAM We have not to narrow down the subject, but expand the subject to its real horizons and soul going by its spirit, trying to see from the root, beyond what is apparently seen and avoiding the talks and discussion of pretension by the so-called Arm Chair intellectuals just to please each other with blind statements on all religions, putting all in the same cage and category and stating all are good and all equally preach peace and tolerance. At least to know and say it is totally untrue an understanding and statement, at least about Islam.In Islam, to kill non Muslims is not at all considered as a big sin. Rather, it is almost taught and understood killing a non-Muslim one can reach and go to the paradise. In Quran, there is a specific say that, if a Muslim kills another Muslim intentionally, for him the reward will be the hell for his permanent stay therein. It is specifically said in Quran, in killing the non-believers, (praising the Abu Ubaidah for killing his non-believer father) one has not mind and be concerned whether he is killing his father or brother or his relative, whoever the person be and what ever his stand in society be. “You shall not find a people who believe in Allah and the day after life befriending those who act in opposition to Allah and His Messenger, even though they were their (own) fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kinsfolk; these are they into whose hearts He has impressed faith, and whom He has strengthened with an inspiration from Him: and He will cause them to enter gardens beneath which rivers flow, abiding therein; Allah is well-pleased with them and they are well-pleased with Him these are Allah's party: now surely the party of Allah are the successful ones”. (Qur'an sura 58, Al-Mujadila, ayah 22) The concept and term of “Kafir” about the non-believers itself is enough as a qualification, for one who denies and disbelieve in Islam, to be killed in an Islamic society. Those who believe strongly in Islam may not be doing this in multicultural society like that of India because of their helplessness or their need to pretend to be part of such a multicultural society and as part of their struggle for their survival with such an ideology and religion within such multicultural society till they get majority.And those who do not, or cannot, go strict (for their feel of difference) by path of Islam were also called Munafiqs (Hypocrites) as per Islam and Quran. Since Islam excludes all others as wrong, and wanted to follow a totalitarian path, those who were not ready to go strict were called Munafiq. Secularists and nationalists, as per Islamic interpretation, are one or other way Munafiqs. They are those Munafiqs who are neither here no there in their faith. Just because they go by the spirit of the nation and different faiths and paths they will be termed as Munafiq, they will be the permanent inhabitant of Hell. The fate of Munafiqs in Islamic State, if proved as neither here nor there, will be to be killed with no other question with their logic (al fitnathu Ashaddu minal Qatl). Fitna is more dangerous than murder. Islam has only totalitarian, exclusive and extreme outlook.One can’t expect any religion advising its believers to be intolerant even during their prayer to God, the almighty. The Prayer is the time and process when one automatically becomes spiritually high with great feel of compassion and mercy. Islam asks and Muslims to make prayer for the defeat and destruction of non-believers, pagans and polytheist and their ideology. No Friday prayer go by (all over the world and especially in Arab world) without a serious prayer and recommendation from Muslims world to God to destroy and kill all the nonbelievers of Islam, Jews and pagans and their ideologies and to give great success and supremacy to the Muslims and Islam. As a reminder to Allah from forgetting what he has to do as they better know than Allah as to what he has to do. This is the level of very limited thought of Islam and Muslims about God and the intolerance and extremism taught and advised by Islam to an extend that one is intolerant and extreme even in his prayer and praying time, in front of the almighty God. This would mean to say that those who believe in Islam (Muslims) are, and have to be, cruel and they are seeking the help of the almighty God to get their cruelty and their cruel ideology of intolerance, extremism, killing and cruelty implemented against all other non-believers and pagans in the world. They seek the help of God just because they can’t do and implement themselves. It would also mean to say that if they could do and execute by themselves, they would have done themselves.It could be said and argued that even Krishna prompted Arjuna to fight against his own blood and family. But wasn’t it only to do the justice of then and there? Yes. Was that to impose any faith and belief and was it to kill the people of different faith or because other part was with a different? No. And no Hindu is becoming a Hindu because he follows this Krishna’s instruction to Arjuna, and a Hindu is never asked to follow the same to be a Hindu and it is not a must for Hindu to preach and propagate the same and wage war for his faith to be Hindu or to enter into paradise. Story of Arjuna and Krishna is only for a story and morals. Not to be followed like Islam says to follow Mohammed in his each and every walk, as it is rewarded and is a condition to go to Paradise. And no Hindu has to follow Krishna in his day to day life and there is no compulsory instruction for a Hindu as part of his religious belief to kill people of other faith in order to enter the paradise.Islam’s thinking of cause to fight and wage war is different. It is not to do the justice or get the Dharma happen. But is to make uniform the modus of faith, the way one has to believe, the name one has to address the God with, the language and direction one has to resort to in addressing and praying to God, in practicing the day to things of life in the name of religion and so and so.  SPIRITUALITY TAKEN OVER BY POLITICS Mohammed at least was tolerated and accommodated in the society (like that of India) he was born and lived to the extend that he could survive and lead the way he is know today. Can any one with different version and vision, claiming as the prophet or denying the prophet-hood of Mohammed, be tolerated and allowed to survive in an Islamic state, as per the Islam preached by Quran of today? Can any one from Islamic state be expected to be tolerated if he comes with a new version and vision, claiming or without claiming as another prophet, especially if he is coming from Islamic or Muslim community in Islamic State? What will be the fate of such an individual according to Islamic postulates? Just he will be killed, like such people of different visions and version, claiming or without claiming new prophet-hood were killed in the past history of Islam.****************** True. Mohammed and Islam could come up with a great spiritual idea and doctrine of ‘there is no God but God’ – or oneness of god. Well and good. It was really great for one to say “happened what God willed, happened not what God willed not”. It showed the real spiritual height that Muhammed could reach. There is no denial for his spiritual heights. Mohammed reached such a spiritual height that allowed him to deny all in middle as mediators. Cutting through all the veils and filters. It might not have been new to Indians to hear and think this, as it has been there (and at many other part of the world) with much greater and deeper vision of Advaita Vedanta, or Tao, form its very past history onwards.But Islam’s spiritual height got lowered, when it became political (more political, than spiritual), when it happened to deny others being right or others’ chance of being or becoming right from different angle and corner, when it wanted to confine God and truth only to itself and its book of Quran, when it claimed for itself the exclusive authorized agency through which only all in the world has to seek and reach the truth and God, when it claimed God and truth has to be addressed only in one language of Arabic, in Arabic names and through Arabic prayers and book of Quran, when it did not give the freedom and choice to the seekers how to seek and how to reach, and when it commanded and wanted uniformity in seeking and reaching the truth and God under one and only way dictated by Quran or tradition of Muhammed and thereby when it argued all in the world should live in one ad the same style and method as shown and taught by Mohamed and Quran.It denied all the idols, all other symbols and ways and chances for one look and see his God even when it gave 100 names (symbol in language, meaning idol in language) to God in Arabic language. And it wanted Mohammed (not in form and figure, but in reality and practice with his command and threats) only remain and prevail as more than an idol. Commanding, ordering, promising and threatening. It claimed the Mohammed is the only proven blessed and saved soul. In the meantime, contradictingly, it asks its believers and followers, it made it compulsory to its followers to pray for this commanding, ordering, promising and threatening idol too, for his peace. A religions that stands for only one God has become. This much Muhammed centered is this religion, which claimed only one God has become. It has given more significance to Mohammed and following Mohammed than its dogma and doctrine of there is no God but God. To say and to make the people believe in this doctrine, or to help them to reach the standard and height of this doctrine, why should Muhammed get this much significance and why should all others be denied? All because of political reason, that came in to being during the very later stage of Muhammed and after Muhammed.Muhammed could have been different spiritual person that the one that is put before us through political Islam... The present day Islam and Muhammed is the one defined and constructed by the political Islam that came after him (especially after Medina part of Mohammed). What we know and see as the present day Quran and Hadith was compiled, collected and finalized during 20 to 15 years after Mohammed was no more, under supervision of political Islam....  RSS, HINDUISM AND HINDUTWA. So, is RSS (and its so called or so attributed fascism of Hindutwa) or any other such organization or outfits of RSS, RSS being an umbrella party to all, not a threat in comparison with the ideology (of Islam) that SIMI, NDF and JIH represent.India, Indian culture and great Indian vision has never been a threat to any. It has never preached intolerance. Indian vision and culture, through out the history, accommodated all and all and never denied others from being and from the chance of being true. It never invaded or suppressed others to deny freedom of faith or speech. It never advocated or advised to kill others just for their difference in faith or difference.Past may have many stories of cruelties. Not only in India, but every where in the world. It was the stories of that time. Not all compulsorily because of strict abidance of culture and vision such countries have contributed. Rather by misinterpretation and misguidance. Rather for more of racial and communal reasons. One has not to be haunted only by its such past. Rather follow what it is standing for and is preaching now.What happened within and between the groups in the past history of India has nothing to do with Indian Culture and deep rooted vision of oneness of all. It had no basis from its scriptures. It was not for saving or destroying the faith. Such in-fights happen even within one's own house. That happens among football fans and between different Film stars’ fans. But it is not necessarily because one preaches and propagates intolerance and extremism based on exclusivity theory for its faith, like in the case of Islam and Christianity. People all over the world have ever tended to stick on to what they have been following. So were they not easily ready to allow new ideas to be introduced and injected (especially in their so-called spiritual world). So, there have ever been fights and conflict.Buddhism and Jainism was nothing but broader interpretation of Hinduism. As a matter of fact it was defended by the conservatives as part of their inability to understand it that way or just because they happen to misunderstand. As usual, as it happens in any corner of the world. Not because it was advocated by the religions to which such conservatives belonged. May be people of that time could not grow up-to and adjust. But no religion or its book should argue and speak the intolerance and extremism by claiming it is the only truth or by claiming exclusivity to it to say and state that all other ways and paths are wrong and false, leading to wrong and false. There lies the problem with Christianity and Islam. They tend to put full stop to God's talk and walk. They claims as God's tongue tied up for all.Hinduism never denies or has never denied others. Rather it accommodated all other faiths in equal terms within its fold and vision of oneness of all. Hinduism with its greatness and deep rooted vision could consider that the truth and God can be in any form and name. Whichever way you go, you can reach the truth and God. And this was cleverly utilized by the apostles of exclusivity theory, Christianity and Islam, to intrude into Indian society.RSS could be wrong in its stand or reaction to historical facts and events. But its ideology or vision (great Indian vision) is not and cannot be of denial of others, or others’ chance of being right. A Hindu can believe even in Quran and Bible. Still he is a Hindu and he has not to be converted and called with any other name. Any Indian has to be called and considered Hindu only, irrespective of difference in his faith or practice or race or color or language. That is the great Hindutwa or Indian culture and vision, I believe, that RSS also is standing for.So are, as a matter of fact and as a continuation Indian culture of accommodating diversities, there in India lots and lots of idols and names to God and truth (in different languages, in different states). So comes up, and is made up, the great Indian culture of diversity and oneness in it...RSS wanted all Indians to be called Indians rather than Muslims and Christian, with whatever their faith.. Difference in faith has not to make Indian to be called with any other name Muslim or Christian. Still he can be Indian and Hindu. India and Hindu can stand with and withstand all differences within it. That is the great Indian tradition and vision. Oneness in diversity.  INDIA - A GREAT MAGIC In this way, India is a country and a nation of great magic and where magical things work a lot. No Arab or Muslim country can imagine of such magic. No Semitic religions will preach for such a magic to happen in their lands. Even westerns countries cannot imagine of being so. With all lot of many different languages, cultures, religions and races, India is able to go united as one nation, experimenting both democracy and secularism successfully. Majority did never come in the way of minority, imposing or suppressing. Arab or Muslim countries can’t even think of this. Despite having only religion and only language, Arabs are not able to be united. They are unable to do justice among themselves and are divided. They are unable to experiment democracy successfully. They are even afraid of giving enough space for freedom or speech. They can’t, at least majority among them, if they stick to real Islam and Quran, expect to experiment secularism. Just because Islam cannot accommodate all or because Islam denies all others’ chance of and from being true and denies possibility of seeking and reaching the truth and God through any other path than Islam. It claims it is the only and final true version and path from God to live and rule life. It claims exclusivity for it in this regard.So itself NDF and JIH and their stand for the ideology of intolerance and extremism, especially with its exclusivity claim for ISLAM. For them Islam is the only and final truth and code of life. So, NDF and JIH can't be but intolerant (in their inner soul). They may pretend not to be. But, it will be just for getting a space to survive and for setting a stage for them to propagate their ideology, utilizing the convenience of democracy and secularism in India.Hence, it is not wrong for RSS, if at all it wants to see the above said Indian culture is kept intact and allows all Indians seek truth and God in their own way being Indians (Hindu) and keeping their Indian (Hindu) identity....RSS has not to see any logic for not seeing God and truth in India too. So, rather than going to Makah or Vatican to seek God and truth, they feel the same God and truth can be sought and found in and from India without losing their Indian identity and without going for foreign languages. They don't bar any one from being free to believe and follow the way they want. But for that one has not to be identified differently with different foreign name in foreign language. And naturally they don't want to see Islam and Christianity deny the concept of India, Indian Identity and Indian culture and vision with Islam's and Christianity’s exclusivity claim and theory. Nothing wrong with such a stand one can see. *************  PREACHING INTOLERANCE AND EXTREMISM As for Islam, especially the so-called political Islam and its Quran, it has been ever preaching intolerance and extremism with its exclusivity theory. If any religion claims exclusivity for seeking and finding the truth and God in terms of revelation from God, in terms of naming and addressing God, in terms of following and implementing the same, in terms of putting full-stop to prophet hood and divinity to any person, it is there the root cause of intolerance and extremism emerging from.. That is why NDF and JIH and any organization out fit of Islam becomes intolerant and extreme in their stand and viewpoint. That is why and how ideological extremism and intolerance comes up.Other kinds of extremism and intolerance are communal and racial intolerance and extremism, which has to be (and which can be) addressed and corrected with more of education and awareness. And this kind of extremism and intolerance will be a matter of particular time and place. Whereas religious and ideological extremism and intolerance will get more strengthened day by day, especially when we happen to give more of such religious education and by becoming stricter in abidance, adherence and learning of such religions and its scriptures. Mohammed could be a role model for spiritual seeking, EspeciallyMohammed of Mekkah, where he did not have any political motive, and where he did not play any political motive. And materially and politically speaking he was a great failure in Mekkah till his age of 54. He was not at all political till he was 40 and from his 40 to 54. Based on that, one could make him as a role model (if they want and go thereby) especially seeking the spiritual height that made Muhammed say there is no God but God. He was a spiritual person. But being made to migrate to Medina made him (the way he is reported and interpreted to be) a wrong person. He married a lot and lot as a way of revenging for being lead and compelled to marry 45 year old lady of many children in his ripe young age of 25 and waged with a lot many wars, by forgetting his spiritual side and inclining more to physical and material side of life, within his limit.Political Islam has presented Muhammed in such a way that claimed to make him the only and last prophet for the all ages to come after him, the book or writings he came with is the last to get revelation from God till the end of the world. They also went far enough to claim that no other can come after Muhammed, neither with any calim nor with any book, except to explain and interpret him. It took very extreme and intolerant way of looking at the truth and God. In that way it even confined the concept of God and truth, confining themselves (till today with its influence) in the prison of intolerance and extremism.***************  CONCLUSION This is not to reach a conclusion on RSS or all Hindutwa organizations. This is what one can know as to what Islam is for. At least for from such a light oncan easily talk on and about RSS or all Hindutwa organizations.At least in relation to one’s faith and belief, RSS or all Hindutwa organizations has no say. They give freedom and they don’t argue or compel any one to believe only in particular way or to worship only particular God, in particular name in any particular language, like Christianity and Islam do with their followers. RSS or all Hindutwa organizations do not argue believing in any other name in any other language is wrong. RSS or all Hindutwa organizations never claims neither for them nor for India, Indian vision, Hinduism and Hindutwa, any kind of exclusivity claiming Hindutwa and Hinduism is and should be the one and only way of life or way of seeking and reaching the truth and God for all in the world.RSS and or all Hindutwa organizations stand for some thing. India to be termed as India and Indian to be termed as Indian. They wanted all Indians, with whatever difference their faith and way of life, to be called and identified as Indians rather than Muslims and Christian. Difference in faith has not to make Indian to be called non-Indian as Muslim or Christian. With all his differences in faith and life one can still be Indian and Hindu. Especially religion of Hinduism does not want all to believe in the same in one and the same. To be Indian you don’t need to b pursue any particular path.Islam is really extreme. No one can go out of its fold (even by change in belief). As per Islam one who goes out of its fold deserves to be killed. This is not a debatable point, but is a true fact as per Quran and Hadith. It. And it will be implemented in the same way strictly in any Islamic state. That was the reason Mansoor Hallaj was killed. That was the reason Musailama was killed calling him with a name “great liar”, just because he claimed to be another prophet after Mohammed.If you go by Quran and hadith you will know Talibanic and Wahhabi or Brotherhood way of Islam only has the real base. All other versions are locally developed Muslim versions without any base. That is why Muslims are easily guided to extremism and intolerance, if they go strict by Quran and hadith. Quran clearly argues for intolerance and extremism. That too very directly.Lucky Quran was and is in Arabic and most of the people do not know its meaning at all. Both its believers and deniers.