How Do You Maintain Jewelry Stock? 4 Reasons Why Small Firms Should Use Jewelry Management Software?
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How do you maintain Jewelry stock? 4 Reasons Why Small Firms Should Use Jewelry Management Software?

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Maintain jewellery Stock is not easy but we have develop a solution by using our Jewelry software “Jewels” you can maintain jewellery stock with ease.

Jewels® Prime is an intelligent system helping jewellers manage their business seamlessly. Jewels® is known as the best jewelry software across the globe incomparable with any software in the world. We have developed simple but innovative jewellery manufacturing software which jewelry industry was seeking for a long time and we are continuously putting efforts to add more & more features every day; helping jewellers to have more control on their business from anywhere.

Jewels® Prime is a well-organized jewelry software which provides complete step-by-step client order traceability; automates every aspect of your jewelry manufacturing processes, inventory handling, controlling movement of goods from one department to another And capturing every single movement of gold, silver, components, diamonds, color stones, job bags, tools, accessories, finished jewelry products and much more.

The jewellery manufacturing processes are very complex with many steps involved, materials requirement at each stage, rejections, orders & job bags to be tracked in real time. But Jewels® Prime makes it easy for you and keeps track of all materials (metals, diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones, findings and all other components) used in the manufacturing processes and unused material still lying in the job bags to be added in the reusable or rejection inventory.

Define your own jewelry manufacturing processes & workflow in Jewels® Prime Jewellery software to match your production system with order requirements. So your team can keep working as per the workflow and instructions on the job bags using the raw material issued on the Job bags from different inventory departments. Orders & jobs can be tracked efficiently keeping an eye at job & order progress status. Jobs can be rejected and reordered. Material consumed can be defined, loss can be calculated. Quality Control, Tagging with Barcode, RFID tags, sales, exports, consignments, payables, and receivables can be easily managed with the help of Jewels® Prime.

4 Reasons Why Small Firms Should Adopt Jewelry Management Software.

While a small firm can function without much technology and without needing to understand or invest in it, it can waste valuable minutes and hours each day choking on paperwork and processes that larger companies have already automated. So, in order to keep up with other, more efficient firms, it is inconceivable to do so without using any technology, particularly information technology, often known as IT, in this day and age.

1.Productivity and speed issues: the most evident; even if you don't know how your firm compares to others in terms of speed, you probably have a gut feeling when your output is slower than it should be. While there are many visible ways to increase productivity, such as using CAD software, 3D printing, faster computers, and so on, what really matters is tracking and quantifying the steps of the production process, the amount of labour used, and the efficiency of individual employees so that the entire process can be understood and managed holistically. That's why you'll need a dependable jewelry management software.

 2. Human errors must be minimised: it is a well-known truth that humans make mistakes. While mistakes are inconvenient, they can also have a significant impact on a company's profits. If your manufacturing process is complicated, there's a good possibility something will go wrong somewhere, causing a delay in delivery and maybe an upset client. A little CAD or casting error can snowball into thousands of dollars in lost revenue and a lot of bad publicity if the customer is irritated enough (which some are). While it is impossible to completely remove human errors, the majority of them can be minimised by automating quality and delivery time controls and developing error repair routines and standards. No, without a complete jewellery management software, this will be impossible.


 3. Data-driven judgments, faster and better: Another fact is that numbers do not lie. You may believe that as the owner of a small business, you have a thorough understanding of everything and always make the best decisions. While this may be true in certain situations, it is far more likely that you are making mistakes and are unaware of them because you are making decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete facts. You can surely make far better decisions if you use jewelry management software and have real-time access to relevant data in an orderly and transparent manner. As a result, integrating all of your business data in a way that makes sense for your company and existing processes can mean the difference between making a sound decision and making a one that will haunt you for a long time.

 4. Increasing your online sales: Anyone who sells any form of product these days is affected by online sales. In fact, if you don't sell online, you're missing out on a lot of money. This is especially true for jewellers, who are witnessing a significant portion of their previously face-to-face sales migrate to the internet. Blue Nile and Brilliant Earth, for example, only sell online; others who used to sell in stores, such as Zales, Jared, Kay, and others, are increasingly selling online, followed by behemoths like Walmart and Amazon.

Using easy-to-use webshops like Shopify and Etsy, even small, forward-thinking businesses are developing an online presence. So, if you haven't gotten into online sales yet, you're falling behind. Yes, online sales can be difficult, especially if you sell personalized jewellery, but with the correct jewelry management software, they can be completely managed and quite profitable.