How To Become A Successful Manager
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How to become a successful Manager

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Retired Educational Officer
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A Manager either in the Public Limited Company or in a Private firm must have some sophisticated abilities and aspirations to become a successful Manager not only for his future career but also for the wellbeing of the organization/firm/company in which he is working. He should have strategic abilities and plans both in the changing trends of the global market and in the day to day development of the technicalities in the managerial factors which definitely withstand him as a successful Manager. In the present global scenario, a successful Manager will definitely look out to the changing world situations in order to compete with the advancement challenges of tomorrow as it will become a dire need to establish a sustainable managerial system in his organization to meet the demands of the future generation. As a result of the global needs, the Managers must have personal skills, abilities, aptitude and knowledge to indulge and involve in the latest technological developments to motivate and encourage others to suit to the needs of the organization and culture. Organizational development can be the primary motto of every Manager in his functional arena so that he will become a role model to others in the growth and development of the wings of the organization. It is his endeavour to bring institutional interest and thrust in the minds of the co-workers for the promotion of the departments in the organization and to accept his leadership and latest ideologies for the sake of the professionalism.

As a matter of fact, customers and stake holders anticipate new technological developments, innovative services, new opportunities, variable market trends, and sophisticated delivery of goods.  It is the duty of a Manager to look into the day to day requirements of the customers and stakeholders, and make them satisfy with new innovative ideas to develop organizational culture, organization behaviour and tend to move towards promotional opportunities for the sake of the organization, goals and objectives. The Manager is the key personality to develop all these promotional activities for the benefit of the customers in general and the stakeholders in particular.

 In order to develop the promotional accomplishments, every Manager must have adequate knowledge and awareness on the key areas of self development, sophisticated methods of organization, excellent communication skills both written and oral, thoughtful nature, reasonable thinking, conflict avoidance, systematic styles of functioning, staff review meetings and analysis of work performance, innovative ideas for career development and job satisfaction, which certainly build up the competence, self confidence, vigor and vitality, dominant nature of supervision without detrimental to the feelings of others.  This can be total personality strength of the competent Manager to become successful in their endeavour.

Humanistic approach, human considerations, benevolence, generosity are some of the factors for compassionate treatment on other staff members, but it cannot be a weakness on the Manager to do the things in right direction. There must be some limit on these qualities to show freedom of work, and culture and thereby enables other colleagues and staff members feel respect and regard on their Manager’s work habits.  A Manager is a manager in all aspects, but nevertheless, he should not be turned upon to dictatorial attitude, but for showing the feelings of sympathy for the suffering of others , often with a desire to help in the ambit of  official limitations. A successful Manager always strive for the common good of the other people and co-workers, in-as-much as it cannot be a hindrance  in the day to day official line of activities in the best interests of the organization in which he is working.

The success of a Manager largely depends on the qualitative ability and aspirations of other people who intend to take their part of activities in your line of thinking. They will appreciate your views, concepts, abilities, and work culture and follow suit to help you in all activities in the organization, paving your way to lead for new technological events, programs and procedures so that your cherished ideas will be taken care of in true letter and spirit. It is nothing but an opportunity to every Manager to assess and review the performance of the work of the subordinate staff members in return, while taking place the adaptability and accessibility nature of the work culture that was prevalent in the entire organization and as a matter of fact the sensible tone of work culture develops a lot for the organizational behaviour. This can be taken as granted as a successful demonstrative activity of every Manager in the modern democratic society with wide ranging change of managerial techniques, aptitudes, attitudes, and common work culture. It would be a beneficial task of every Manager to adapt useful, up-to-date and proven methods of administration to help everyone to think about their own performance and ensure for their work improvement for their own betterment as well as their organizational promoting activities.

Managers tend to create an excellent work environment, culture, atmosphere towards common goals and for realization of objectives. Though there are some barriers on account of various imbalances among the people involved in the activities, Managers are accomplished to reduce the conflicts and on-going problems by tackling in diplomatic way in the best interest of the organizational culture and peoples’ behaviour

The need for review of the performance of the employees is an important task to be carried out by each and every Manager for which the Managers are supposed to develop a strategic plan to formulate an effective review system in a comprehensive manner to enable everyone to understand the performance targets, the successful nature of performing the duties and responsibilities, suitable measures to improve their strength of their work and ability for good performance and work culture. 

The key factor that lies upon the responsibility of the Manager is the reputation of the organization in which he is working.  The Managers are not only habituated to promote the individual employees in his organization, but they have to tend to initiate measures for the aspirations of the stakeholders outside the organization.  A Manager has to develop practical skills and strategies to improve the reputation of the organization which mainly depends on the publicity and media coverage-vis-à-vis the legitimate service rendered by the Manager at length, and the implementation of the promises made to the outsiders. It should be kept in mind the integrity, global economy, and global outlook by understanding the customs, norms and standards, approaches, and other strategic functions to become a perfect Manager.

The essential factors that require any individual to become a successful manager are enumerated below at length:

  1. It should be an immediate endeavour to any successful Manager to take up the responsibility to complete the assigned work on the same day without putting any temporary off, or pendency to look after tomorrow. Try to do it now instead postponed to next working day. The motto should be to take over the action point of tomorrow’s aspect, today itself, to finish it off without any laziness. Successful Managers really want their work to be done immediately without any pendency to do it tomorrow or later, as it will create a sense of self satisfaction and relief from the burden of work.
  2. A successful Manager will prepare everything to get it organized with logical decisions by managing the relevant information and strategic plans.
  3. Clear cut communication with understandable material and structures develop the trustworthiness of the Manager towards his subordinates and co-employees.
  4. Creative thinking, understanding, developing and using the creative approach in all walks of actions by the Manager make him success in his own performances to be realistic and appreciable.
  5. A variety of actions and deeds may influence the employees and workers for which the Manager has to develop skillful attitude for presentation of ideas and managing the people to invite their attention towards the organizational goals and objectives.
  6. Performance management is one of the key factors for every Manager to think, create, and organize performance appraisal in such a way that it should improve the performance of the employees and workers, simultaneously improving the performance of the self and to help others to improve their performance.
  7. Managers used to mingle with various kinds of people, rather soft or difficult to manage, identifying the options of the employees, whether co-operative or non-co-operative, and conflict nature of employees, negative attitude, and laziness. It should be the endeavour of every Manager to understand the difficult people, assess their feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and try to convince them towards the work culture and manage them to suit to the needs of the organization with the diversity knowledge of the individual.
  8. Successful Managers must try to understand the dignity of labour duly assessing and reviewing the performance of the employees and co-workers.
  9. Maintaining Public Relations is another key factor for every Successful Manager in order to understand the public relations, to develop public relation skills, co-ordinating with media personnel in promotion of the publicity activities in the best interest of the organization and to meet the competency skills.
  10. In the productive organization, customer satisfaction is very important. It is the primary duty of the Manager to satisfy the customers duly understanding the taste of the customers, review the day to day approach to deliver entire satisfaction and to improve performance of the products to meet the satisfaction of the customers.
  11. Managers should think the changes occurred due to globalization, and manage relationships with the global leaders to attract the organizational needs in the modern technological world with high commitment and competency.
  12. Successful Managers must assess the situations day to day with clear cut understanding of the circumstances, changes and keep the balance of work and life for greater sustainment of the work couture and needs of the organization and assess the success and failures for a better future life of the organization.

With the objectives mentioned above keep in mind, the Managers must prepare a road map for their future prospects; explore the career opportunities, findings, developments, and options to achieve their career as a successful predominant character to win the hearts of the companies in the world in order to prepare a success path.