Apple Will Face Four Big Challenges In 2012
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editricon Apple will Face Four Big Challenges in 2012

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In 2012, Apple seems to still have an advantage in the Smartphone and tablet computers, in particular the upcoming Apple TV, which could let Apple find a breakthrough in new areas. However, a coin always has two sides, Apple also has a lot of problems to face the new year. BusinessInsider website summarized 12 greatest challenges that Apple will encounter in 2012, let us come together to share:

1. Can Cook become a respectable Apple CEO?

As the departure time of jobs is getting longer, can Apple keep the magic ring? Tim Cook is not as inspiring as the jobs, of course, he can continue to ensure the correct direction, but he can to remain mysterious? People will like a religion to love Apple and the company's products? Should we not matter?

2.Apple TV

This is a big affair, there are a lot of rumors about Apple TV these days, but what it will happen?

3. iPad 2 will cut the price.

Perhaps the more accurate question is how much prices of iPad 2will drop? Only IPad2 to cut price? Many people think that, after the iPad3 launched, iPad 2 will continue to be produced, and then change iPhone history, iPad 2 on sale. However, the new iPad: can drop to below $ 400? Or price cut to $ 300? If the product really down to $ 300, where the iPad2 price will go from?

4. The Tablet market behavior

This point is talked about by many people: the Tablet market like what? Do people really going to let the Tablet instead of a PC? Or just the Tablet is the second computer to select? If it only acts as the second computer to select, how big is this market? How many tablets really need?

The iPad seems to be as big sale as the iPhone, but so far, this is not the case. Apple is expected to be in the holiday season, iPad's sales will reach 13 million units. This sale is very good, but it is still less than iPhone. Which leads to our next to explore the question: people will often upgrade Tablet PC as often as PC? Or people will want to buy a smart phone for two years. Besides, most people are very confused with ipad, especially video fans, we all know that ipad can not play common videos directly, most people often use a mac dvd to ipad converter that to help them, but this is a permanent solution, Apple should solve this problem fast. The other thing is also frustrating, ipad has bad compatibility, it can not connect with PC Windows, even it can not connect with Apple Mac, it is very strange. For example, if you want to transfer some songs from ipad to mac, the best way is not to use itunes, ranther than ipad to mac transfer .Tablet market to Apple's future is very important. How it will develop depends on its performance this year.

Apple's revenue growth in fiscal 2011 is 66%, 2010, that number is 52%. EPS (earnings per share) growth are 83% and 67%respectively in these two years. Gene Munster forecast in 2012 Apple EPS sales growth will increase to 24%. Can Apple still maintain crazy to grow?

A major reason why Apple can keep executives because of its pay system established around the stake, while share prices over the past three years has increased by nearly 4 times (Note: in the first half of 2009 Apple market is more than 27 billion dollars, price around US $ 115; 2011 the market value has increased to more than 400 billion, traded around $ 418). Another three years, Apple shares will turn 4 times to $ 1600, do you believe it?

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