Dental Implant
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editricon Dental Implant

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A dental implant known as an endosseous implant or fixture. It is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis. A variable amount of healing time is required for osseointegration before either the dental prosthetic (a tooth, bridge or denture) is attached to the implant or an abutment is placed which will hold a dental prosthetic. Success or failure of implants depends on the health of the person receiving it, drugs which impact the chances of osseointegration and the health of the tissues in the mouth. The amount of stress that will be put on the implant and fixture during normal function is evaluated. This dental implant course is focused under, by its treatment procedure.

Patient Medical History is checked thoroughly for Dental Implant Surgery. Review of Different Dental Implant Systems is given. Basic Armamentarium process for Implantation is done. Step by Step Surgical Technique for Dental Implants is done. Wound Healing and Suturing Techniques in Dental Implant Surgery. Bone Biology, Osseointegration, and Bone Grafting is done. The use of Graft Materials, Membranes, and new techniques for Dental Implants are done. New way of Preservation, by Ridge Techniques is done. Pharmacological Agents Used in Implant Dentistry. Different implant systems are available and Hands on placement of implants-dummy mandible.