Reminder From Epay Payment: 6 Tips To Make Mobile Payments A Much More User-Friendly Process
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Reminder from Epay Payment: 6 tips to make mobile payments a much more user-friendly process

Despite all its advantages, mobile payment is still slow to develop. Epay global payment as a free and legal online payment system,now share you some tips with experience to make the best of the convenience and security from mobile payment.

No doubt, for most people the advent of mobile payment has changed the habits of payments. They provide us a much more secure system than the current standard found in the US. Due to its flexibility and availability, you will have a system that makes perfect sense for consumers as well as businesses.

However,mobile payment works well in many situations, but it still leaves several gaps.Most people aren't sure how to take full advantage of it, and many are still vary and unconvinced. Let's see if we can relieve the doubts and offer some tips to get the most out of the mobile payment systems. 

1. Understand how it works
Lack of understanding is one of the biggest hurdles to widespread adoption, so the first step is to learn how mobile payment systems work. The misconception is that mobile payment systems make direct use of your bank account credit card number and transmit it wirelessly from your phone to an NFC terminal. That is not the case.

The major payment systems (Apple Pay and Google Wallet—and soon to be Android Pay) use tokenized payment systems, so your card numbers are never transmitted. Also, neither Apple nor Android Pay saves your transaction history or card numbers on their servers. These systems are secure. Once you've set up the mobile payment system, you can enjoy a convenient payment process without having to remove a card from your wallet or purse.

2. Add loyalty cards
Google Wallet and Apple Pay allow you to add loyalty cards. Why would you want to bother with this? Part of the appeal of mobile payments is that you can cut the tether between payment terminal and wallet. If you use Apple Pay or Google Wallet/Pay and you're still breaking out your wallet, you're defeating the purpose. Add those loyalty cards and stop pulling out that dusty wallet every time you want Kroger to know which delicious food items you are purchasing, in hopes of winning the percentage-off lottery.

3. Wait for Android Pay
We don't know what's going to happen with Google Wallet, but with Android "M" comes Android Pay. Android Pay will align better with Apple Pay and make mobile payments a much more user-friendly process. If you're an Android user on the fence about using mobile payment systems, hold off until the release of Android Pay. Why? Many people have found Google Wallet to be less than an ideal solution for mobile payments. You want your first experience to be as good as it can be. To that end, hold off until Q3 2015 and a much improved mobile payment experience will be at the ready.

4. Wait for Epay Global Payment
Epay is free and legal online payment processor accept international money transfer and e money exchange with the help of partner exchangers,Epay accept all types of payments online, enable you to send money, receive money,deposit and withdraw via an email in seconds. Epay global payment thinks that risk-control, Safe, Fast and Free services matter the most for online payment. All the concerns for money security will be soothed while using Epay global payment.

5. Make full use of your wearable
Although wearables have yet to really gain mass acceptance, those who are making use of these fantastic tools should also be using them for mobile payments. Using your wearable, you won't have to extract your wallet from your pocket or purse, and you'll no longer have to search for that phone. The convenience is never ending.

6. Make sure it's secure
If your mobile online payment system offers the ability to secure it with a fingerprint scanner or PIN, do not, under any circumstance, bypass that system. Take this one step further and make sure your device lock screen is password protected. You can even use a third-party app lock app to lock down Google Wallet (even though it already requires a PIN to lock down) or your device settings (for further protection). The moral of this story... make sure your smartphone hasn't been dumbed down by a lack of security.