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Become A Financial Whiz

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C_BOWI_30 A nine-to-five job isn't the only way to make money. By becoming more financially aware, you could dramatically increase your disposable income. Spend just an hour or so each week putting your financial affairs in order and you could see a big difference in your bottom line. It's all about seeing where you can make savings and how you can get more money coming in.
No-Brainer Ways To Cut Your Bills
If you have a job, then you most likely have a bank account, but have you ever wondered if it's the right bank account for you. Do a bit of research, shop around and you could save a small fortune in bank charges and notch up some extra income in interest at the same.
Think about your credit card in this way too. Could you be paying less interest or even be enjoying an interest-free period if you shift to another card. Again, do a little research and find out what's the best plastic for you.
Likewise, shopping around could help you slash your household bills too. Are there competitors to the utility companies you currently use who would welcome you with open arms and reward you with lower electricity, gas, phone or broadband bills?
C_TFIN52_64 Easy Ways To Make Money
Start saving. If you don't already do so, you should be putting away as much as you can afford each month for a rainy day. Put some of the saving tips in this article into practice and that shouldn't be a problem. However, do make sure that money is working for you. Locate the highest interest earning account available to you and check back every couple of months to make sure that the account you use is still the best value. When you've built up enough, consider investing in safe funds or stocks. Alternatively, if you have debt, use your savings to pay it off. Normally you're paying out more interest on your debt than you earning on your savings so it makes sense to have less debt and more savings.
C_TADM51_70 Your home is another way of making money. If you have a spare room, you could consider taking in a lodger.
Recycle your old technology
There are companies out there that will pay you for old cell phones, laptops and other gadgets, even if they aren't working anymore. So hit the attic and get decluttering.
While you're at it, how about having a garage sale to make money from all that old junk that's in your loft or garage. You'll be surprised by how much people will pay for stuff you thought was worthless. If there's anything left over, try auctioning it off on eBay.
Earn extra money from home. If you're feeling a bit bored, why not put that spare time to good use and earn some extra cash by taking part in some Internet research? There are plenty of companies and websites out there now that will pay you simply for answering a few questions.
Put just a few of the tips here into practice and you'll be well of the way to being a financial whiz.

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