Becoming A CPA
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Becoming a CPA

A00-211 Becoming a CPA requires a love for organization and numbers. CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant. The average CPA makes around $50,000 a year (for entry level) and the demand for these positions are rising. They are usually certified by the state and required to take an exam. Most people who are in this field will also need to complete a certain amount of education and gain experience before landing their first big break in the industry. Each requirement is different depending on the state, however most people will need to pass the Uniform CPA requirements. Here are some of the requirements it takes to become a CPA:
Education and Credits Needed To Become a CPA
There are different methods available to those who want to become a CPA. The first method is by attaining a bachelor's degree. While attaining this degree, the candidate must also have at least 24 semester units in an accounted related subject. The same amount of credits is needed in the business subject. The other step is to pass the Uniform CPA Exam. An ethics course will need to be taken. It is advised to try to get at least 2 years of accounting experience with a firm that is monitored by a CPA (licensed). This experience will be able to land you jobs.
What It Takes To Be a Successful CPA
A00-212 There are a set of characteristics a person must have in order to be a CPA such as;logical thinking, good at math, strong communication skills (verbal and oral), solid computer skills and ability to synthesize. CPAs must also be good with team work. Many accountants start out working for firms or teams. As you gain more experience, you will be able to be in charge of other departments. It also helps to be tech savvy. Modern accountants are very good at using accounting software such as Quickbooks and Peachtree. This software is ever involving and expanding thanks to the advancement of technology. It may help to take a couple of computer classes while pursuing a Bachelors degree in accounting or other related fields.
What You Will Be Doing As a CPA
A00-250 Most Certified Public Accountants deal with auditing citizens. However, these jobs are not really desired by CPA. The employee will need to be prepared to do this type of work whether they like it or not. It is not the only type of work available to a CPA, however, it does make a big portion of the field. The accountant will need to have a certain number of audit hours in order to gain experience. Accountants can also get the opportunity to team up with other large international accounting firms. This would look great on a resume and it is also a good idea to gain experience. Other jobs offered with this degree include; payroll manager, budget manager, tax specialists and financial reporter.
Other job fields include internal controls, financial analysis and International accounting. An accountant does not have to stick with one type of job. Accountants also are known for starting their own firms once they get the hang of being a skilled CPA.