Mobilize Your Wordpress Website Using These Solutions
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Mobilize your Wordpress website using these Solutions

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Mobile technology has attained great heights in the last few years. With the introduction of Smartphones and tablets in the market the number of users browsing Internet through their mobile phones have increased by leaps and bounds.


There are millions of users using WordPress for development of their sites, Wordpress is termed as the most popular CMS of present time. It is quite mandatory for WordPress users to create a mobile version of their website.


Several WordPress users have already created a mobile friendly version of their websites, so why are you still waiting? It's quite essential that you grab this opportunity as soon as possible, if you want more traffic on your website. Here are few ways and solutions to make your WordPress website mobile friendly:



Mobify is a mobile technology platform that can create a mobile friendly WordPress website easily. This amazing platform supports several mobile operating system like Android, iOS, Blackberry OS and Windows. This platform is based on freemium model and the basic features are available for free but if you want any special customization you have to pay for it.


WordPress Mobile Edition

WordPress Mobile Edition plugin can customize your WordPress website according to the device platform of users phone or tablet. This is a superb plugin as the users of your website would have an exclusive look and feel of your website with different platforms. This plugins detects the mobile browser and customize the look of the website with readymade themes which are preassigned for the specific operating system.



Developed and designed by Bravenewcode this amazing plugin can detect the browser used and resize the website content and widgets according to it. This plugin has several custom themes and stylesheets which are used by the plugin once the device is identified.


WordPress Mobile Pack

Wordpress Mobile pack is a platform to create mobile friendly version of your WordPress website and blogs. It has mobile switcher feature that chooses theme according to the device types that allows different custom mobile themes for different device types.



Onswipe is another great plugin that detects the screen size and view the direction and adjust content layout accordingly. Sharing of content on various social networks is also allowed in this superb plugin that increase the reach of your blog and content.


To use this plugin download it and login as admin and go to 'plugins'. Click the add new button and then on the upload option. Upload your compressed file and activate the Onswipe plugin and your mobile friendly WordPress website is ready.


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