Why Should You Drink Coffee Daily?
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Why Should you Drink Coffee Daily?

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Many people in America have the habit of drinking coffee every day. Coffee is kind of a morning culture in Café of Financial district. All the Cofee shops in financial district are mostly filled with people throughout the day. So what is it about coffee that lures people so much? There are many reasons that a person should love coffee and consume it every day.

• Coffee is a great provider of antioxidant to the body. Most of the Americans get their dose of antioxidant through coffee as compared to any other form of food. Human body absorbs most of its antioxidants from coffee even though fruits and vegetables also have antioxidants.

• Aroma is a stress buster. It is proven in studies that stress from sleep deprivation can be cured from the smell of the coffee. People who are exposed to the smell of coffee have witnessed changes in brain proteins that are tied to stress. Although this is mostly valid to only stress related to sleep deprivation, coffee is a great cure.

• Advantages to liver if you consume alcohol. There are many liver related diseases which can be formed due to regular consumption of alcohol. Drinking coffee everyday reduces the chances of getting into those diseases. It has protective benefits that cut the enzymes.

• Coffee helps you to feel happy. People who drink coffee regularly are less likely to go into depression than those who do not drink coffee at all. This is not entirely because of caffeine but due to the trusty antioxidants that coffee acquire.

• Reduces the urge to suicide. It is shown in different studies that coffee consumption can reduces the risk of suicide in people by 50%. This is because coffee acts as a brief antidepressant by helping in production of neurotransmitters in the body.

• Reduces risk of skin cancer in women. Women over 20 years who drink coffee have a less tendency to cancer than to the women who don’t. Studies in women hospitals have comprised that women do not women drinking coffee are less prone to cancer.

• Coffee helps you in being a better athlete. A cup of coffee before starting a work out jolts athlete performance in endurance. Caffeine burns in athlete’s body like a bloodstream. • Coffee not only reduces stress but it makes you intelligent. It allows the brain to work in an efficient way. All the complex functions associated with intelligence are improved with coffee.