Peep Into The Future For A Better Present
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Peep into the future for a better present

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One week is a very short time in history, but is an eternity in these days of instant communications and information super explosion. Ever since that fateful moment last week when this blogger logged into cyberspace as a medium to share own experience and experiences, a flicker of hope has begun to shine with signs of economy picking up. Even a much down revised growth figures for India are encouraging. Yes, even in the global downturn situation, India will clock a six per cent growth. Bringing this hope thick and fast are a host of media products – from the conventional print media -- newspapers, magazines and pamphlets slipped in through the door --, to the television, internet and the ever-globe shrinking mobile phone. These media present the conventional story teller with that many more writing avenues, if only he or she has the ability to customise the content, and quickly so. It is this ability or lack of it dictates the progress of the media professional in an increasingly cross-media operational environment in media organisations around the globe. This skillset coupled with an ability to crystalgaze into the future – what area/subject/issue will most likely dominate give the media practitioner that much of an edge. Even the local subziwala knows this: the hottest topic going around is recession. And of course the next couple of years we will spend a lot of time tracking its impact and the ways and means being used by governments around the globe to get out of this situation. India is also partly affected negatively by the global phenomenon being described as the worst since the Great Depression of 1929. It is only natural we will increasingly be focusing on how we as a nation will be tackling this economic phenomenon. The human element of it all – the negative as well as the positive sides of it – will surely be the most dominating theme across the media outlets as they try and document the developing story and decipher the meaning and import of the various steps being taken by the government across the globe. For anyone, not necessarily a media person, it might be a good idea to google with gusto on RECESSION and be on top of this subject. The one surest way to zero in on most dominant topic or an issue is to track the advertising world. The R-word is the current favourite of the advertisement copy writers, arguably one of the most creative amongst the media world. Over the next few posts, would like to focus on this subject, considered most boring by many including me, but one that we cannot do without learning. t would be, am sure a fascinating subject to study in times like these and keep wearing our original thinking hat. Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions on this are welcome. Lakshmana