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SMART always looks down...

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 SMART always looks down when he is alone and looks straight, pleasant and humble in the crowd. SMART keeps meditating when is alone looking at the floor two or three feet in front of him. Then he reminds his SELF “I” am an asset to my self, how do “I’’ add value to my life? “I” am an asset to my family. How do I add value to the asset? “I” am an asset to my community. How do I add value to the asset? “I” am an asset to my company. How do I add value to the asset?

See, Mukesh Ambani, he is offered a bungalow with a helipad and 800 people to take care of his family.


Your height of acceptance when converted in Rupees is your Human life value. Insurance people are the best judge of your ‘human life value’. They assess your value and insure your company for the financial risk on account of the unexpected loss to your company in your absence. This is called Key man policy. Similarly, you are valued and insured to compensate your family financially to a certain extent. Therefore, it has become imperative that each individual meditate as Human asset and keep a score of VALUE ADDITION for himself. This is what I refer as LOVE THY SELF

“If you wish to advance into infinite explore the finite in all direction.”—Gothe. A great quote from a legend


First explore & give value to your community.then your company, then to your family, then to your SELF


Mesmerizing effect of Heaven and Hell

The best marketing keywords ever used and succeeded in mesmerizing the world community is Heaven and Hell; with Heaven placed at beyond the sky and hell below the earth. In the process every one started looking at the sky, keeps doing even now. What have you seen all these days in the sky? Does it give you any value addition? Now look at the wise people from time immemorial… they meditated on their SELF, meditated looking down on the earth @ fire, water, air, ether, ocean, plants, birds, animals, human and became rich and prosperous. Each of them created a heaven for themselves. Those who look above continue to become poor and poor and remain on the mercy of someone to help for a huge price… Those who meditated on the land and ocean was gifted with precious stones, precious metals, oil, gas and blessed them wisdom to mobilize their resources they posses and create VALUE ADDITIONS such as alloys and synthetics so on and so forth. What ever they touched it turned out to be high valued product. Take for instance SAND, OXYGEN, CARBON, HYDROGEN, and NITROGEN, see how their imagination lead to prosperity. SAND in the form of silicon chips brought the world to our home creating new generation millionaires. How did they succeed? They gave professional approach to their imagination based on what all they saw, heard, smelled, felt, tasted. What they imagined became the scope of their professional life. They started collecting information from around the world. They Learned, Observed, Verified, and Established an action Plan. It was then communicated to mobilize resources. Like minded thoughts get attracted to create an Organization. New life is thus come to existence.

From the pages of Indian wisdom

Now read the pages from Indian Wisdom and see for yourself whether you can correlate the story with what I have said above. How an organization should be created, Organizational hierarchy, delegation of authority and responsibility, Organizational commitment, and the ultimate result. .


Brahma is the supreme divine Creator of all. No sooner did the urge of creation arise in Brahma, a vibration was created which is known as Shakti (energy or power). This Shakti manifested as Jad (inanimate) and chetan (animate) objects and creatures. The inanimate creation Is governed by material nature (Prakriti) and animate creation is governed by chitta Shakti which is known as Savitri. It has been described in the scriptures that in the beginning of the creation a lotus flower rose up from Vishnu’s navel. Brahma the creator originated from this lotus flower. From Brahma, Savitri was created and through the union of Brahma and Savitri, all the four Vedas came into existence. Knowledge of all kinds originated from the Vedas and there after, Brahma created this material world comprised of the five basic elements. The secret behind this allegorical description is that from the interior or centre of the Uninvolved, Invariable, Absolute Divine Being, and a lotus flower came into existence. According to the scriptures, in the beginning of the creation, the Supreme Absolute willed to get Himself multiplied, “Ekoham Bahusyam.” This willed vibration arose from the focal point and blossomed in the form of a lotus flower. Brahma, who is said to be born of lotus flower is one of the three basic manifestations of the Absolute Divinity- Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh symbolizing creation, nurture and dissolution respectively. The first born of the triple divinity had to be Brahma, the creator, as creation precedes nurture and dissolution. Brahma started his work and created two kinds of creation, Chaitanya (animate) and Jad (inanimate) All living beings having desire, consciousness and ego fall under Chaitanya creation. This is an independent creation which is known as Pranmaya-kosh of the universe. Chaitanya (animate) element pervades the entire universe and is known as Pran. Ideas, will, and emotions are three attributes of Pran-tatva which constitute the three coverings (bodies) of the soul- astral (Sukshma), causal (Karan) and physical (Sthool). All living beings owe their consciousness and existence to this Pran-tatva. For creating Jad (inanimate) creation comprising matter, Brahma created five elements (Panchbhoot) viz. earth, water, air, fire and ether. The atoms of the entire material nature manifest as solid, liquid or gas This vast expanse of nature in the form of rivers, mountains, earth etc, is the play of atoms of these five elements. Physical bodies of all living beings are also constituted by these five elements of nature. There is activity in both these creations. In Chaitanya creation it is seen in various activities in the form of ego, determination and inspiration. In Jad creation, the form, colour, shape etc. of different objects are formed and dissolved on the basis of the vibrating energy. The basis of Jad creation is atom and of Chaitanya creation, conscious will. Both these bases are superbly subtle and powerful. They are indestructible and they simply change their forms. In the emergence of Jad and Chaitan creations, Brahma’s powers of Chetna (consciousness) and Padarth (matter) are functioning. Initially, need was felt for the power of will as, without it Chaitanya could not manifest. In the absence of Chaitanya energy, none could have knowledge about matter and it would have remained without any use. The utility of matter is for the convenience of manifestation of Chaitanya. Therefore, Brahma initially created Chaitanya and discovered will for knowledge. In Puranic language it can be said that Vedas or knowledge manifested first of all. The energies of conscious will (Sankalpa) and matter (Padarth) are the two arms of Brahma by which the work of creation is accomplished. Since the former is animate (Chaitan), it is also described as Brahma’s wife.

This also leads to the meaning of Krishna’s 16008 wives. They refer to human positive thoughts. The science has already established that 24000 thoughts flash through human mind in a day, unconsciously. Those thoughts are responsible for differentiating one person with other in terms of physical, mental and spiritual well being.


Thus we can conclude that all founders, discoverers and inventors can be coined to one word ‘BRAHMA’. Besides, story of each inventors and discoverers has a spiritual background. Dhirubhai Ambani is a Brahma who created his own heaven for their children to become world beaters. Narayana Moorthy is another Brahma who created heaven for thousands. Bill Gates is another Brahma, Einstein, and other Nobel laureates is Brahma too of our modern world who created heaven that we are presently enjoying

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