How To Choose An Argumentative Or Persuasive Essay Topics?
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How to choose an argumentative or persuasive essay topics?

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Students have to do tons of assignments as a requirement of their educational path. These assignments fall into different categories. One such category is the essay writing that they find most difficult and problematic. With the advancement in their educational level, these become more complicated assignments also. 

Decide on topic or issue

Generally, topics for different kinds of essays are assigned to students. But sometimes, they also get the chance of choosing the topic on their own. Whatever the situation is, they mostly find it difficult to manage the situation. 

Why students find argumentative essay writing difficult?

Students find essay writing difficult deswritepite having excellent writing skills and ideas. They do not know how to arrange their ideas and use their skills. There are different kinds of academic essays, and the most challenging type of essay is argumentative essays that are assigned to students. These require the skills of using the logic and the factual data. Teachers with these essays assess student’s ability of counterclaim different ideas. Do you also find it difficult to write an argumentative essay? 

Today I will guide you on how to select the topic for an argumentative essay. This will assist you in managing your assignments of writing different argumentative essays. Students must have excellent research, reading and writing skills to write these kinds of essays. They should also be valid to select the banned themes and negative topics. 

The topic for the argumentative essay:

You first need to select the topic from your area of interest if you have decided that I have to write my essay on my own. The topic can be taken from the current debates and issues or any area of your interest. This will assist you in brainstorming different ideas and merging them in your essay. This will also lead to developing a strong argument.  Some good examples for the argumentative essay can be:

  1. Increase in obesity due to fast food.

  2. The dangers of energy drinks?

  3. The alarming situation due to global warming.

  4. The value of the educational system in a student's life.

  5. The value of MBA degree in today world.

  6. Use of technologies in the education process.

  7. Effect of social media over students.

Why students find persuasive essay writing difficult?

Persuasive essays are written with an aim to persuade the audience.  These require the critical use of ideas and topics. There must be the use of imagination and innovation skills. Students find the difficulty here. They do not possess the required skills and know the ways to use their ideas to persuade an audience. You have to be careful since from beginning for the success of the essay. The essay requires the pay attention to the slightest detail. Thus, for the best essay, the preparation should be started with the topic.

The topic for the persuasive essay:

Persuasive essay topics matter a lot. If you successfully pick the right topic, you get to ensure your success of the essay. While deciding about the topic, the aim should be to persuade the audience.

  1. Smoking should be banned

  2. Companies should not target kids for their marketing.

  3. Should schools ban the use of eating junk food?

  4. Companies should lower the number of calories.

  5. The best way to manage educational stress.

  6. What are the main causes of global warming?


Persuasive vs. argumentative essay

Argumentative essays demand cold hard facts gained through the research. These are used to support the argument. There is a single opinion involved here.  Persuasive essays, on the other hand, are somewhat different. They are required to persuade the audience successfully.

Writing a good argumentative essay: 

  1. Selection of important topic by the student.

  2. The thesis statement in the introduction

  3. Comprehensive Research 

  4. At least three supporting arguments

  5. Other side consideration. Don’t be wishy-washy.  

  6. Facts and opinions

  7. Possible solutions

Writing a good persuasive essay:

  • You must select  have “catchy title “

  • Introduction having a thesis statement

  • The body carrying an argument

  • Conclusion having a summary of main points and the opportunity for the reader to review and think

How can students ensure success in these essays?

Students should not jump over to the list of essays either going for a persuasive or argumentative essay. They should also understand the purpose behind these essays. The essay is either requiring persuasion or argument. Then decide on the topic. A good tactic here can be the selection of the topic about which you have complete knowledge. This will make you capable to support your point well and reject the opposing arguments. After deciding the topic, the attention should be paid to the purpose of the essay either argument or persuade. Good research is always needed for the success of both kinds of essays. If you use the right words, you will be able to argue or persuade well.