6 Best Useful Use The IPad For Business Productivity
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6 Best Useful Use the iPad for Business Productivity

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More than a platform for entertainment, iPad is also a nice mate at work. I thought I’d share some findings about using the iPad myself.

1. Medical Records
We’ve seen a number of iPad apps on the market created to help doctors cut costs and manage data efficiently. One player in the market is DrChrono — the startup has created a cloud- and web-based electronic health record, accessible via iPad and iPhone, as well as via any Internet browser. The doctor usually put the light music make the patient loosen body and mind.

2. Reading everything
The iPad is phenomenal for keeping up with anything at all. Apps like Flipboard, Zite and Reeder make it such a powerhouse for reading stuff. Blogs, newspapers, books, what have you. And my favorite, Instapaper, turns anything you ‘don’t have time to read’ into extremely readable articles, reformatted, waiting for those ‘dead moments’ when you can catch up.

3. Second device
Here’s what I mean. While you’re doing your real work on a computer, you can have the iPad close by, so you can do things like tracking your todo lists (try Things or Producteev), setting off your Pomodoro time management, maybe manage playlists if you like to have music on while you work.

4.Point-of-Sale System
so far, smartphone-related payment systems — such as Square, Intuit Go Payment and Playwear Mobile, have been making the most ruckus. But the iPad is a contender in this space, too. iPad-based point-of-sale (POS) systems are popping up everywhere we go. Cantabrigian waffle shop Zinneken’s, for example, uses the free iPad app Shop Keep as its POS system of choice.

5.planning and tracking your activities
Applications are what the iPad and the contact UI is created for. So simple to thoughts map factors right with your hands, shift factors around, and then shift it on as a PDF or into some written text structure for further handling.

6. Catch meetings
Now, to be honest, Skype on a robust laptop is still my #1 choice for serious meetings, but sometimes the iPad will do because, well, it’s just so easy to keep around (see previous point). And beyond just Skype, there’s a Got Meeting app that’s getting to be a favorite for me as I have a nasty habit of missing webinars while on the go.

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