Introduction Of Bamboo Fiber
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Introduction of bamboo fiber

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Bamboo fiber is the cellulose fiber extracted from the natural growth of bamboo, and is the fifth natural fibers following the cotton, linen, wool, and silk. Bamboo fiber has good air permeability, instantaneous water absorption, strong wear resistance and good dyeing and other characteristics. As a China fiber supplier, I have to say that it is also natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, in addition to mites, odor and anti-ultraviolet function.


The major component of bamboo fiber is natural bamboo fiber which is extracted with physical and chemical preparation method of combining natural bamboo fibers.Chemical bamboo fiber and can be classified into puree bamboo fiber and bamboo carbon fiber elements. Puree bamboo fiber bamboo fiber is a paste made of the bamboo, and then made into pulp slurry and then wet spinning into fibers which is substantially similar to its production process and viscose. Bamboo carbon fiber elements is the functional fiber products that produced by conducting a special process to nano bamboo charcoal powder incense, joining it in viscose spinning solution and then using the approximate conventional spinning process.


Bamboo fiber yarn is applied to fabric, mat, bed sheets, curtains, scarves, Blending the bamboo finer with cotton, wool, linen, silk and chemical fiber and then used to produce a variety of woven and knit fabrics. Woven fabric can be used to make curtains, jackets, casual wear, suits suits, shirts, sheets and towels, bath towels and so on. Knitted fabrics suitable for making underwear, sweatshirts, T-shirts, socks and so on. Apart from it, high quality cool jade fiber can also be applied to produce these kinds of fiber products.

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